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Fine Limp Hair Styles

If you have fine limp hair, and looking for trendy hairstyles for your hair, there are several styles that will give your hair the illusion of fullness. Use a combination of cut and color for the ultimate in lush locks. but with the right hairstyles, fine limp hair can look fabulous. You simply need an understanding of what hairstyles work well on fine limp hair.

The Best Hairstyles For Fine Limp Hair

Mid-Length Styles

While the best haircuts for fine limp hair are ones that avoid long lengths, you can get away with a shoulder-length style if you have it cut correctly. Layers are the foundation of this type of hairstyle, so use them wisely. The modern shag couples a pixie-like top hairstyle with a longer, shaggier bottom to create a sleek style that looks polished without the need for excess volume.

If volume is what you seek, a root perm is the answer. This process essentially bends the first few inches at the root to create a lifted effect. You can still wear your hair in a straighter style, but it will appear fuller. An overall body perm can also help with volume if you don’t mind wearing your hair wavy.

A Classic Bob

The bob hairstyle can work really well on fine limp hair, because the hair is blunt cut to all the one length. The short style gives fine hair more bounce and frequent cuttings keep the ends of hair from splitting.

Curly Hairstyles

When you curl fine limp hair, the texture creates more movement in your hair. Ideally try to use large rollers, because they will create more volume than small rollers. Heated rollers are fabulous, because you can apply them from the tips of your hair to the roots to create lots of body from top to bottom
The pixie hairstyle

Hairstyles with bangs

Bangs can really help lift your hair in the crown area. As a rule of thumb, the shorter the bangs, the fuller your will look. Short, spiked bangs are ideal when you have fine limp hair. Think Sharon Stone style bangs.

How to treat?

Fine, limp hair can be flat and dull for several reasons: improper diet, lack of moisture, and use of poorly chosen hair care products. To revitalize lifeless hair, a person should follow a hair care regimen, use the appropriate shampoos and conditioners, and consider making dietary changes.

Fine hair should be washed only a couple of times a week. Washing infrequently maintains the hair’s natural oils and enhances hair volume, giving it a healthier appearance. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners add moisture and fullness to lifeless hair. Hair should be blow-dried while still damp since hair that air dries will normally hang limp.

Light brushing is recommended for lifeless hair. When brushing, start from underneath to create more fullness. Excessive brushing, however, transfers scalp oil to hair strands, removing volume.

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