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African American Short Hairstyles for Women

Many African American women today are simply too busy to manage long tresses of hair. So instead they opt for short, manageable hairstyles that can still look trendy and professional. The great thing about sporting short hairstyles is the fact that you can choose different styles at any time. African American short hairstyles can be stylish and attractive. There are many options of African American short hairstyles, and they can be customized to suit your face, your lifestyle and your personality.

Options of African American Short Hairstyles for Women

Women can style their hair straight to style with pixie African American short hairstyles. Check out pictures of Halle Berry and Rihanna’s pixie cut to know more. For this cut the hair on the sides into short crops, and the crown hair longer, and style the front section of hair into long side bangs. Or you can go for graduated bob hairstyles. These are great looking African-American short hairstyles with bangs. For these styles, the hair near the nape of the neck are cut short and the hair on sides are kept longer. The front section is then styled into sweeping bangs.

Then, another African American short hairstyles are relaxed afro. These natural hairstyles are opted by many people. As they allow to wear the African-American hair naturally. Short Afro styles are worn like a cloud. However, you can get it trimmed such a way that there are bangs falling on the forehead. Also, straw curls would be your next choice. Straw curls hairstyles for women are opted by those who are in a transition period. These styles are present between processes straight black hair and going natural styles. Straw curls are done by using straws or thin perms.

For African American short hairstyles, you will need tp know how to maintenance. See your stylist for maintenance every six to eight weeks. Some haircuts, like the shaved style, may require you to get a trim more often. Women may have to have their hair trimmed less often, but they usually spend more time styling than men. To keep your short hairstyle looking its best, use hair scarves (men can use do-rags) at night. Simply tie it over your hair and go to bed.

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