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Pretty Cute Hairdos with Braids

Braids are a simple way of styling your hair so that it stays put. Also, of the many ways to style hair, one of the most popular is the braid. That’s because there are a variety of ways to make cute hairdos with braids. There are so many different styles of cute hairdos with braids that you can opt depending on the occasion. For school, for your special occasions, cute hairdos with braids are the best bet.

Cute Hairdos with Braids

Here are several ideas of cute hairdos with braids. Jazz up boring, straight hair by adding a few tiny, cute braids throughout to give interest and dimension. You can do this by blow-drying your hair as usual, with a little product like mousse or gel, and then adding some texture with a large-barrel curling iron. Then take small sections of hair and plait them into tiny braids, not thicker than 1/2 inch. Secure the bottom of the braid with a transparent elastic band. Add more braids sprinkled randomly all over the hair, avoiding getting them too close to the very front. Depending on how much hair you have, eight to 10 braids is appropriate.

How about fishtail braid? For this kind of braid you just have to divide your hair into two sections (instead of three). Pull your hair to the side in a low ponytail and secure with a tie. Pull out any little hairs you want to spill down in the front, and then split your hair in half above the hair tie, creating a little hole. Split the hair down in the middle and take a tiny piece from the outside of the right section and cross it to the inside of the left. Then take a tiny section from the outside of the left and join it with the inside of the right. You don’t have to keep track of all the pieces, just let them blend into the two main locks of hair. You’ll start to see the fishtail braid emerge.

Fancy with princess look? then go for cute crown braiding hair. Grab a section of hair from just over the left ear to 2 inches above the ear, then divide the hair into two 1-inch sections. Pull the section coming from higher on the head down over the section coming from lower on the head. The lower section is now the upper section, and the upper section the new lower section. Select a small portion of hair from the side of the head directly after the point the crossover occurs and add it to the new lower section of hair. Pull the section coming from higher on the head down over the section coming from lower on the head. Continue braiding the left side of the head until the braid has wrapped around to the back of the head. Continue braiding by wrapping the top section down, but do not scoop in new hair. Secure with a band when you reach the end of the hair. Braid the right side of the head using the same braiding pattern and secure with a hair band. Hold the ends of the two braids together and secure with a third band, then allow the tails of the braid to hang down, or style as desired with pins to create your desired look

Another cute hairdos with braids is waterfall braid. To create, part your hair in your usual place. On the right side of the part, gather a section of hair and divide it into three sections as you would for a French braid. Braid the strands in a regular braid three times. Add additional hair to the left strand and fold it into the middle strand. Allow the right strand to fall down. Pick up a small section of hair directly next to the strand you dropped. This will serve as your new right strand. Continue to follow these steps toward the back of the head and secure the end of the braid in the place you wish to stop. Finish the braid with a regular braid or a fishtail braid. Secure the ends with a small ponytail holder and a bow. These were several cute hairdos with braids for you. After all, girls with straight, wavy or curly hair can all wear these cute braided hairdos.

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