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Derby Hats for Women

Derby hats are a staple fashion accessory for women at the Kentucky Derby each year. Derby hats are as much a part of the tradition of the Kentucky Derby as fast horses and mint juleps. Derby hats allow a woman to show off her own unique style. With derby hats, a woman can enhance her look and can mix-match with dresses and hairstyles.

Stunning Derby Hats for Women

The derby hats, also known as the “bowler” hat, originated in England. The first such hat was made in the mid-19th century by the London hat firm of Thomas and William Bowler, after whom it was named. They had received an order from another hat maker, Lock & Co. of St. James. Lock had been commissioned to create a hat to protect the heads of gamekeepers on horseback, from the branches of overhanging trees.

Derby hats are labeled as “stiff” hats, with a coat of shellac applied to make them stronger, in keeping with their original function, which was head protection. These hats continue to be worn and are available in a selection of styles. There are some flexible versions with more give and shaped to fit the head more comfortably. One of the recommendations is to brush the derby hat with a soft bristle brush to keep it dust-free, and to store it when not in use. Finally, if you are interested with these hats, then go purchase at some online stores that provide accessories, especially hats. Or you can even make it yourself and design it according your style.

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