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Beauty Unique Hairstyles for Long Hair

Beauty unique hairstyles for long hair never go out of style and will flatter your face and features without looking outdated. Beauty unique hairstyles for long hair good on almost any woman and continue to be popular year after year. Also, there are various reasons for a person to search for the beauty unique hairstyles, like a prom night, the wedding or any special occasion for that matter. Well, the following article deals with beauty unique hairstyles for long hair from which you can select a unique style for yourself.

Pretty Unique Hairstyles for Long Hair

Here are several beauty unique hairstyles for long hair. Postmodern hairstyles no longer have to be dyed a uniform bubblegum-pink or even a pop-rock robin egg blue. You can use pink, light blue and light purple as temporary hair colors. This works with very dark or blonde hair. Buy temporary haircolor from a hair beauty supply store or online. Wash and deep condition your hair and blow-dry straight. Divide your hair into thirty small sections, but color only ten to twelve sections. Select sections of hair to be colored that are healthy. Using the color applicator, apply hair color either to the entire length of the hair from root to end or only at the tips. Repeat for the other sections, using different colors. Allow to dry. Style by capturing the colored strands into very tiny braids and tie with a small ribbon. The result is a rainbow hue of pastels throughout your hair.

AnotherĀ unique hairstyles for long hair is scene hairstyles. Scene hairstyles are totally unique and extremely bold. You can manage them the way you want, which is the biggest USP of the scene hair. If you bear curly hair, then you need to straighten them first and them cut them the way you want. You can take inspiration from the rock stars and other indie, metal, retro classic artists. Most of them bear the best examples of scene hair. It is important for you to be aware of the color ideas, since scene hair colors plays the key role, in making them unique. Talking about the hair colors, huge contrast, stunning color combination, chunky hair highlights and recognizable lowlights are some of the features of the scene hairstyles.

Then, for a whimsical and pretty hairstyle for long hair, wash, condition and blow-dry hair straight. Divide hair into a center part. Apply a moisturizing gel. Capture a small amount of hair at the top of each section of hair to braid into a small, thin braid. It will lie flat, facing your ear. Repeat on the second side. Add very small ribbons or weave in a flower on one side only. This casual hairstyle is best for parties or the weekends as it is too carefree for most work environments. Wearing patchouli oil behind each ear is strictly optional. These were just a few ideas for you. You still have tons of ideas that you can find it at the internet or fashion magazine. So, keep update by yourself and choose hairstyles that the most you like.

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