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Tips to Wear Silver Dress

If you have a silver dress, and wanted to wear it at your special occasions but have no idea how to wear it and look stylish to stand out at a party. Then you are in the right article. Today, we will give you several tips how to wear the silver dresses. A silver dress while the shimmery metallic hue will certainly turns heads, it also has a classic look that lends sophistication.

Wear A Silver Dress

While a silver dress is almost always an attention-getter, the fabric can make the dress even more eye-catching — and it’s important to keep the material in mind when you’re planning the rest of your outfit. A silver sequined dress already has plenty of bling, so you don’t need too many added accessories. A simple clutch and pair of heels in a neutral color are enough to create a balanced look. A silver satin dress also has plenty of shine, but has a subtler appearance than sequins; this lets you use accessories in bold hues for unexpected jolts of color. With a silver cotton or knit dress, feel free to play with more accessories — add a belt, scarf or wrap to really polish off the look and add a pop of color.

Add black accessories and shoes for a touch of elegance; break out of a traditional fashion rut by mixing black and silver rather than black and white. Compliment a sparkly dress with strappy black heels and a cute black clutch. Wear elegant onyx earrings for extra sophistication. Or you can liven up your silver dress by wearing blue accessories. Slip into midnight blue shoes and wear a sapphire necklace or cocktail ring; blue enhances silver by picking up on its icy tones. Then, enhance your silver dress by mixing it with jewel-tone accessories. Silver is a neutral color, so brighten up your dress with deep jewel tones such as amethyst, emerald and ruby. Wear rich purple heels with amethyst earrings, or slip on lively green sandals and a chunky emerald necklace.

Go all out by adding metallic accessories to your look. Slide into sparkly silver heels, and wear super chic silver and diamond drop earrings. Carry a jewel-tone clutch for just a hint of color. Downplay your accessories and let your silver dress shine by itself. Wear clear lucite heels for legs that appear to go on for miles, and pull your hair back into an elegant up-do. Wear simple diamond stud earrings and let your dress steal the show. These were several tips for those of you who want to stand out with your silver dress. After all, think outside of the fashion box and have fun with your wardrobe by adding the pop of silver to your evening wear.

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