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How to Wear Long Boots for Women

Long boots have recently become more popular after being worn excessively by celebrities and trendsetters. Because they are so high, long boots are often considered rather provocative and sexy. If you don’t feel comfortable showing too much skin or wearing such a provocative type of footwear, then you need to learn how to wear long boots in different ways and still look sophisticated, stylish and even conservative.  Below are a few ways in how to wear long boots for women that will help you see through the daunting task of wearing long boots with style, finesse, confidence and pizzazz.

Tutorial How to Wear Long Boots for Women

First way about how to wear long boots is wear a pair of long boots with skinny jeans or cotton pants that hug all of your curves. Put on your socks and pants first and pull the pants until they stretch under your heels if possible. Pull on your long boots over the pants. Put on a pretty blouse to go with the outfit. This will give you a lean, sexy, casual look that you can wear to parties and intimate events and when out shopping with your friends.

Wear long boots with boot-cut jeans as an alternative to skinny jeans. This time, put the boots on first and then place the wider legged jeans over the boots. This option is best for calf-high boots. Buy a long, floor-length skirt (or dress) that has slits up the side to about the knees. Make sure the skirt allows you to move around comfortably and freely. When you take steps, others will be able to see the boots under your skirt. If you have long, interesting boots, show them off. Wear a snug-fitting blouse on top if you choose a skirt.

Put on a pair of opaque (any color) or nude-colored stockings. Wear a knee length or higher skirt with your long boots along with a top that covers most of your skin, like a button-down blouse. Be sure to cover the skin around the legs and thighs with stockings and balance it with a conservative top if you wear a miniskirt. Accessorize appropriately with your long boots. Match them with your belt and your pocket book for a clean and coordinated look. These were several ways in how to wear long boots for women. After all, these just a few ways. The possibilities with wearing long boots are many.

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