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Fashionable Shearling Jacket

Shearling jacket is a great way to stay warm and look great. Shearling jackets are made from sheepskin pelts. They are luxuriously light, warm and stylish. The lamb pelts make the supple garments with amazing breathability and insulation. When cared for properly, shearling jacket can last for decades, ridding the need to buy a new coat every few seasons.

Stylish Shearling Jacket

These jackets come in a huge assortment of styles and colors. From bomber style jackets to full length hooded coats, the options are endless making it easy to find a shearling jacket to harmonize with almost any personal style. Here are several personal styles that beckon the addition of a shearling jacket to complete their look are rocker-biker, bohemian and country-western.

Whether you are a rock star, motorcycle rider or just like to look like one, a shearling jacket will complete your look. Known for an edgy and cool appearance, the rocker/biker style is synonymous with rugged leather boots like military combat boots or full-length motorcycle boots. T-shirts, jeans and leather pants are commonly worn under the “must have” leather jacket. The best leather jacket to have to complete this look is a bomber style shearling jacket. The bomber style jacket was designed during World War I to keep fighter pilots warm while flying in open cockpit airplanes. It soon became the symbol of “cool” and is still considered to be so by today’s’ standards.

The bohemian style is also known as “boho-chic” or “hippie chic” and is popular among the avant-garde, artists and free spirits. It’s a nomadic gypsy style that secedes conventionality with free-flowing earthiness. The natural ease of a shearling jacket is the perfect outerwear choice to finish off this organic style. A sheepskin coat with a natural, unfinished and raw appearance has a tribal quality that is the epitome of unconventionality.

These fashion styles may seem completely different, but all are perfectly completed with a shearling jacket. This demonstrates the versatility of shearling garments. If you want to fine tune, create or develop your personal style, look at the expansive selection of shearling jackets to see if they fit in with the look you want to achieve.  Finally, the shearling jacket has long been a timeless fashion piece that allows its wearer to stay cozy and warm. With this shearling jacket you will have a new wardrobe piece that will help you make a statement year after year.

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