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The Best Wedding Shoes for Women

It can be said, that for a bride, the most important of the wedding day outfit – is the shoe. Of course many would disagree and say that the dress is the focal point of a bride’s wedding attire. Yes the wedding dress is the focal point, but the comfort all lies with the wedding shoe. So, it is important to choosing the best wedding shoes for your special day. Though there are so many wedding shoes that you can opt, you still need to consider one and two things first to find the best wedding shoes. For ease, below are several tips for you, take a look!

Bride’s Best Wedding Shoes

The best wedding shoes are stylish and comfortable enough to hold up to the rigors of the wedding day. Though the shoes put the finishing touch on the bride’s gown and other accessories, it is important that the bride not pick shoes for their look alone. With thousands of choices to choose from, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind when selecting a shoe.

Heel height is an important consideration when choosing a bridal shoe. Shoes with a 4-inch heel might perfectly offset a long wedding gown, but wearing them for hours may cause considerable pain. Why ruin your special day worrying about how much your feet hurt? Keep in mind that the higher the heel, the more likely that the bride’s feel will hurt after standing in them for long periods of time. Some brides opt for high-heeled platforms, which tend to be more comfortable than a high heel because the base of the shoe is wider and spreads the weight of the foot more evenly. Since a bride will be on her feet for most of her wedding day, she may opt for two shoes — an elegant high heel for the ceremony and a casual, comfortable pair for the reception. Whatever her choice, it is important that the bride pick a shoe that her feet feel comfortable in.

It’s worth it to spend more money to get a quality shoe. You will be able to tell a good shoe by its construction: it should be built well, have a sturdy sole, a comfortable insole, and embellishments that don’t affect the fit of the shoe. Also, the shoe should add to, not take away from, the bride’s dress. There are just about as many shoe styles to choose from as there are wedding gown designs. When choosing a shoe, keep your dress in mind. A pump is one of the more classic choices; it’s appropriate for just about any dress. Plus, a pump can be embellished with a variety of fabrics and adornments to make them more unique. Generally, a pump has a thicker heel, which makes them more comfortable than some shoe choices.

Also, keep the type of ceremony in mind. A bride may choose bridal sandals if her ceremony will be held on a beach or in warmer climates. While this choice may be an appropriate alternative to a traditional, closed-toe shoe, it is not appropriate at every ceremony. Other choices, such as a slingback, offer the benefits of a pump and the uniqueness of a sandal. These were several tips for you about selecting the best wedding shoes. After all, it is important to choose something that not only speaks to your style, but will keep you relatively comfortable throughout your big day.

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