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Different Types of Shoes for Women

Shoes are an essential part of the footwear. Generally, people use them while they playing, running or walking. They reflect the choice, personality and mood of people. You get different types of shoes for different purposes. Women’s types of shoes¬† are a plenty and as varied as women. From killer heels down to the most comfortable pair of Ugg boots for women, shoes are clearly a staple for every woman. For a man, all shoe style fall under a sole category and that is: footwear. For women, however, it is so different. There are several different types of shoes to choose from and it seems that all women have this need to have at least a single pair of all the categories.

Types of Shoes for Ladies

There are generally two main types of shoes which popular among women. Such as;


This type of footwear for women is characterized by an elevated part at the back of the heel which allows the ball of the foot to be lifted from above the ground. You can find different heels with varied heights and types. There are different designs and style of shoes under this category with diversity of materials, colours, inches of heels and so much more.


This type of footwear for women is seen as the total opposite of the first category. The footwear does not have heels and is not elevated from the ground. There are also other types of flats which come with varied shapes, design, colour, materials used for construction and so much more.

From the above two categories comes other types of shoes which have invaded the fashion scene through the years.


This is the footwear you would wear if you are into the fashion-forward genre. It is, however, not just a stylish and aesthetically attractive choice. Boots are for necessary use and wear especially during the cold season. It completely covers the entire foot, usually up to the knees. You can find boots which are flat, wedged or heeled. Common materials used for boots include suede, leather and fabric.


For those who are highly stylish and trendy, this type of footwear is the ideal choice. You can find really nice and fashionably trendsetting types of wedges. This shoe type is characterized by a heeled feature with no space or gap separating the front of the shoe and the sole. Thus, the look of the shoes is compact with the entire foot elevated from front to back. This footwear is usually shown with a wooden sole of different styles and shapes.


This classification include both dressy and casual shoe styles that are open.Flip flops are great for outdoors wherein a woman is asked to wear them casually. Dressy ones are reserved for formal occasions in which the dress looks more stunning when paired with a sexy sandal.

Apart from all these type of shoes, you also get another special type of shoe called as platform shoe in the market. Simply stated they have thick soles made of different materials such as rubber, plastic, wood and cork. They are available in enormous styles and sizes. The platform size of platform boots can range from one inch to twelve inches. However, most of the people do not wear shoes having a platform of more than seven inches. Some of such footwear has high stiletto heels while some have a short and thick base. Well, these were several types of shoes for women. After all,  shoes could spruce up your looks and personality to boost your confidence for commendable social relations and personality.

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