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How to Make Cute Hairstyles for Teens

For most teenage girls, having a cute hairstyle is just as important as wearing a cute outfit. Sometimes, you just can’t go wrong with a new, fresh look. Different ways in how to make cute hairstyles for teens can bring out attractive features on a teenage girl’s face. And if you wanted to try, we will give you several ways about how to make cute hairstyles for teens that you can create in almost no time at all.

How to Make Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Here’s some steps in how to make cute hairstyles for teens. Firstly, brush your hair into a side part, so that the parting line lines up with one of your eyes. Use a spray bottle to wet your hair with a fine mist if your hair is dry so it will be easier to work with. Separate two small sections of hair from the thinner side of your part, starting from the hairline. These sections only need to be about a quarter of an inch thick or less. Twist the two pieces and begin incorporating new pieces that start from the hairline as you move down.

Add new sections as you move all the way down and past the bottom-center of your head. Use a clip to keep it in place so you can work on the other side. Repeat step two on the other side of your hair. When you get to where you stopped with the other side, remove the clip and make sure the hair doesn’t unwind itself. Secure the two sides of the twist together with a hair tie. Pull it through as a ponytail or roll it into a bun and secure with a hair tie. Apply hairspray over the whole style to keep it smooth and neat.

Or you can try this one; Casual 1950’s Style Curls.

Part your hair with a rat tail comb so that you have a large round section on the top of your head and the rest of you have is down. Secure the top part out of the way with a clip. Pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Add hairspray to the sides of your head to keep your hair smooth. Remove the clip from the top part of your hair and separate a third of it to curl. Curl small inch-wide sections of your hair with a half-inch or inch barrel curling iron. Curl the whole top section of your hair.

Spray your curls with hair spray to keep them neat and use bobby pins to secure them to the top of your head. Start from the back and move toward the front. Twist the curls slightly as you lay them down so they retain their shape. When you get to the front, pull your hair straight up, spray the base with some hairspray and pin the ends to your head so that the front forms a bump.

Fold a bandanna into a triangle, fold the corner in and then fold the bandanna length-wise again. Place the center of the bandanna under your pony tail or bun, wrap the ends up and tie them at the top of your head. You will still have a lot of curls showing out from under the bandanna

Another ways about how to make cute hairstyles for teens; try waterfall braids. Take a thick lock of hair from one side of your front hairline. Divide the lock into three strands: the top, nearest the center part; the center, just below the top; and the bottom, farthest from the top of the head. Hold all the strands in the same direction, away from your face. Bring the bottom strand over the center strand and pull the center strand forward toward your face away from the rest of your hair.

Bring the top strand over the remaining strand, which is then the new top strand. The old top strand is the new center strand. Pick up a new strand from below the braid; this is the new bottom strand. Pick up a thin strand from above the braid and combine it with the top strand. Repeat steps two to five, braiding away from your face until you have plaited to the desired length. You should have a braid running along the side of your head from front to back, with a series of loose strands pulled forward from the braid links.

Secure the braid: You can continue to plait the three strands like a regular braid — bottom over center, top over new center, without pulling extra hair into the strands — and then secure the end with a small clip or hair elastic. Or you can leave the three strands loose and secure them against your head with a clip, decorative comb or hairpin. Let the loose strands that had been pulled forward fall along the side of the head under the braid. Brush your hair down into a flowing curtain, or finger-style hair into flowing locks. Set with a spritz of hair spray.

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