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Ways in How to Make Easy Friendship Bracelets

Friendship is thought to be a beautiful relationship of trust and sharing between two persons. Friendship bracelets are one such gift that are worn round the wrist. Friendship bracelets come in varying forms and styles for the benefit of its users. Threads used in the bracelet are multi-colored and can be mixed and matched as desired, not to mention are relatively cheap. These two factors make it very attractive for teenagers. If you are interested to make, then you need to learn how to make easy friendship bracelets. There are several steps that you can through to make these cute bracelets. Below are some steps in how to make easy friendship bracelet for you.

The Steps How to Make Easy Friendship Bracelets

These bracelets are usually made at home. They are so easy to make that even small kids will be found making one for their friends.  However, before you start to make a friendship bracelet, you will need with some things to prepare in how to make easy friendship bracelets. Such as; 4 or more pieces of embroidery thread, scissors and tape.

The steps of how to make easy friendship bracelets begin with cut about an arms length of embroidery thread for each color you want to use for your bracelet. You should use a minimum of 4 strands for your bracelet. Then, tie all of your threads together with one knot at the top of the strands

Tape it (knot at the top by the tape) to a flat surface so you can work on it easily. Pick up one piece of thread and take the second one and take the 1st one and wrap it around the 2nd one like a 4. Do it twice to each one. Continue doing this with each color twice until you reach your desired length. Make it your desired length and tie off at the end and cut the extra thread off and then tie it around your arm or ankle and you are done.

Well, these were several steps about how to make easy fridnship bracelets for you. After all, friendship bracelets have gained popularity worldwide. It is not a ‘friendship’ custom related to one part of the world now. Friends of all ages can be found in presenting bracelets to each other. The teenagers are mostly involved as they have time to make a friendship bracelet within their ‘small budgeted’ pocket moneys.

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