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Beautiful and Unique Celtic Wedding Rings

If you’re Irish, or have Irish ancestry, and have a plan to married, then  unique Celtic wedding rings are the ideal way to celebrate and express it. Rings are central to a ceremony, and for the lifetime together afterward. The ring is made of a two hands holding a heart with a crown. Together they symbolize the saying “love, loyalty, friendship.” The hands portray trust and faith, the heart love, the crown loyalty and the hope of future glory. Still a meaningful symbol today, the way you wear it shows your relationship status. And choosing unique Celtic wedding rings shows your partner, and the world that you value them as much as your own identity.

Elegant and Unique Celtic Wedding Rings

Unique Celtic wedding rings has different designs that are finding favor among many couples for being unique and meaningful, making them ideal for bands. Celtic wedding rings are universally thought to represent the interweaving of two lives into a connected whole. Because the pattern is continuous around the ring, it is thought to symbolize the unending love and continuity of a relationship.

What makes them stand apart is their distinct pattern. There are numerous designs for Celtic rings, all so unique and different, from simple woven strands to intricate filigree patterns layered with substance. The three critical elements of any Celtic band design are the type of knot depicted; the gemstones used; and the metal selected for the ring.

The Celtic patterns can be very complex, especially on thicker bands. There are endless variations among the knot patterns, from graceful, flowing braids to rigid, angular designs. Many ascribe specific meanings to these patterns. Simple, smooth patterns with flowing curves may represent the harmony and ease that a couple shares, while a more angular pattern can be symbolic of the foundations and stability of marriage. In reality, there is no formal directory of what Celtic designs signify. Couples can simply choose the patterns that describe their individual personalities and interpret the meaning to suit their individual relationship.

Unique Celtic wedding rings do not feature gemstones as elaborately as in other designs but it is always possible to incorporate diamonds or other stones into the knots. While emeralds, rubies and sapphires are popular choices, many couples prefer diamond marriage rings. Small sized gems may be aesthetically laid into the ring’s pattern, or a larger gem may be highlighted as a focal point. The choice is yours.

Yellow Gold has till recently been the most popular metal for wedding rings, though silver is often used for Celtic designs for its greater malleability. Platinum and white gold are also frequently used. Harder metals such as titanium may be difficult to mould into a fine pattern. Double tone rings are especially popular. Nothing can beat the contrast that they offer between different strands of the knot.

There are several jewelers that sell unique Celtic wedding rings. You can also check online merchants. Be sure to look for customer feedback. The cost depends on several factors. The width of the ring, and therefore the amount of metal used; the intricacy of the design; gemstones; quality of the metal; and any customization, all affect the price. When you receive the ring, examine it carefully: the design should be smooth and uniform, with sharp patterns that demonstrate its quality.

Finally, the most important thing is to trust your feelings. The rings should be perfect, unique and resonate with your own profound, sacred connection and commitment to your beloved. Rich with symbolism, mystery, and romance, Unique Celtic wedding rings are a popular choice with today’s brides and grooms.  Celtic wedding rings in particular are a beautiful expression of enduring love and a lifetime’s affection.

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