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Stunning and Flattering Plus Size Dresses

For every plus size woman, there is a plus size dress that will make her look great and sexy. There are so many options of flattering plus size dresses for fuller figure women.  However, you will need some consideration when it comes to choosing the right ones. Today, we will give you several tips to choosing flattering plus size dresses.  Also, with these tips, plus sized women can appear slimmer while maintaining their own unique sense of style. Keep Reading!

Sexy Flattering Plus Size Dresses

Like said before, you will need several tips to choosing flattering plus size dresses. First tip is choose a darker color. Dark tones are more forgiving than pink, white or yellow dress; they are more opaque, less see-through. Consider neutrals like black, brown, gray or navy. If you want color, go for highly saturated jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire or garnet.

Look for knee-length instead of short. A maxi dress covers the legs, though — the last thing you want to do. Showing at least half of your legs will make you look taller and thinner. For an extra illusion of length, don’t forget the nude-color shoes.

Pick fabrics that have some weight to them, such as a cotton blend, instead of flimsy or flowing. Let the clothes do some of the work in making you look great. Flimsy fabrics generally drape too much and cling in all the wrong places.

Cut is almost certainly the No. 1 thing when you pick plus-size dresses. If you’re able to afford it, consider plus size designer clothing. Designer garments will be cut properly to give you the most flattering look. If you don’t want to go the designer route, look for dresses with embellishments near neck, such as crystals, rhinestones or embroidery, to bring the eye upward to flatter your face.

Look for clothing that has some structure to it. Does the dress look shapely on the hanger? Another option is a dress with a matching coat. Wear a wide belt around the waist, and wear the matching jacket open. This will reveal a waist, but allow you to cover up some so you won’t feel too exposed. Well, these were several tips to choosing flattering plus size dresses for you. To purchase,  shopping online for plus size clothing is a fantastic idea as there is a lot more choice than can be found in the high-street specialist shops. Many online retailers stock the latest fashions for plus size women, and so you are certain to find clothing that you both like, and which is flattering to the figure.

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