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Hair Styles for Plus Size Women

Don’t use being a plus size as an excuse for not looking good. Your hair should always look fresh, nice, healthy looking and shiny. Also hair styles for plus size women has to be flattering, yet stylish. Plus sized women typically have rounder face shapes. The goal of any hairstyle should be to get the face to look oval and proportioned. Below are several hair styles for plus size women.

Perfect Hair Styles for Plus Size Women

Well, here are some great hair styles for plus size women. Lifeless long hair can make a full-figured woman look heavier. However, a plus-size woman can sport long hair if she’s got the right style. Take a page out of the hair diary of Reese Witherspoon. Reese’s 2008 style has turned into a staple for plus-size women. To get Reese’s look, ask your stylist for waist length hair with blunt layers and short, blunt, eye-length bangs. Reese’s style is simple to achieve; simply apply a shine serum to hair and flat iron for pin-straight hair. Apply a dime-size amount of pomade to your hands and slightly sweep bangs to one side.

Then, another hair styles for plus size women is the shoulder length bob. A traditional bob features chin length hair and dangerously blunt angles, which don’t flatter a plus-size face. Take a cue from international supermodel Heidi Klum and opt for a shoulder length bob with soft angles. Ask your hairstylist for a shoulder length bob with an all around even length. To style hair, flip your head upside down and blow dry hair with a frizz fighting formula; this promotes volume at the top of your hair, which will make your face seem a bit slimmer. If your hair is naturally curly, it may still have some kinks after blow drying. To remove the kinks, go over the rough areas with a flat iron.

Plus-size women should steer clear of haircuts that are shorter than shoulder length. Anything shorter than shoulder length will simply accentuate the fullness of your body by making your head look smaller. Follow in the footsteps of plus-size beauty America Ferrera to get a sleek and sophisticated style. To get her look, ask your hairstylist for a mid-shoulder length haircut with wispy layers and side-swept bangs. To style, simply blow dry your hair with a shine serum to get America’s shiny tresses. After you’ve blow dried, finish off the look by scrunching the ends of your hair without product to get tousled waves at the ends. These were several options of hair styles for plus size women.  After all,  trying them out is the only way to find the one that is perfect. No matter what size a woman is, the ease of styling should be taken into consideration. A cut that looks stylish even on the days there is no time to curl or flat iron is always recommended. If it only looks good after spending an hour on it, it is not the right cut.

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