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Good Beaded Earring Ideas

So, you are in making beaded earrings now? and looking for good beaded earring ideas? Well, lucky you because you are in the right article.  Beaded earrings are a great do-it-yourself project that doesn’t require a lot of time or money. The results can look expensive, but several pairs can be made for under $5, and the ideas possibilities are endless. Once the basics are learned, earrings can be made for every outfit, mood, season and trend. And mentioned below are some beaded earring ideas for you.

Four Beaded Earring Ideas

Today, we will give just four beaded earring ideas. First idea; string bead cubes onto wire, adding a jump ring to the top. Work the strung wire into a hoop. Add a ear wire hook by attaching it to a second jump ring, then attaching that ring to the ring on the hoop. This creates an earring featuring a small circle of color. You can make the color of the beads uniform, or combine colors into a structured pattern or a random array. Attach a small charm to the hoop’s jump ring for added decoration.

And another beaded earring ideas, go for hoop and drop earrings. Combine simple hoops with beaded drops to create versatile dangling earrings that are suitable accessories for both casual and formal outfits. String a round bead between two spacer beads onto a head pin, then attach the pin onto a hoop. Add an ear wire to the top to complete the earring. Although this design only contains a few elements, it can be used to make earrings for any situation. Use a burnished hoop and spacers for a more bohemian look that will highlight the round bead’s color. Use a shiny hoop and beads for a fancier look.

Staggered Beads. This type of earring uses bead caps with multiple loops. String a small spacer bead followed by a faceted crystal onto a head pin. Cut the pin down to 3/16 inch, then bend the top into a hook and hang it from the first loop on the bead cap. Do the same for the second head pin and bead cap loop, but make the head pin 1/8 inch longer than the first. Continue adding head pin dangles, with each 1/8 inch longer than the previous, until the bead cap loops are filled. Add a faceted crystal to the center of the bottom of the bead cap, then attach an ear wire to the top.

Last but not least, beads and chains. This design idea, found on the Making Jewelry website, features chains that dangle below the beads. Cut three or more equal lengths of sterling silver jewelry chain. Create a closed loop with the earring’s wire to hold the chains in place. Add one end of each chain onto the wire. Slip one or more beads onto the wire, above the chains. Make a loop in the wire above the first bead, then add an ear wire to complete the earring. You can customize this earring type to your tastes, adding or subtracting chains and changing what types of beads you use according to your preference. These were several ideas for you. Hope these useful and give you a new inspiration!

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