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DIY: How to Make Homemade Earrings

So, you want to learn how to make homemade earrings? If so, you are not alone. Why continue to overpay for earrings when you can simply make your own? This may sound difficult, but it is actually quite easy if you know what you are doing. Today, in this article on how to make homemade earrings will describe to you, in simple steps, how to make your very own pair of earrings. These steps are easy to learn and simple to master. Once you can do this, you can begin to make all kinds of earrings.

How to Make Homemade Earrings By Yourself

Before you begin to learn how to make homemade earrings, first ensure that you have all of the necessary items to make your own earrings. These items are as follows:

Ear wires of either silver or gold,

Posts and backs,

Beads, spacers,

Eye pins,

Head pins,

Round nose pliers,

Wire cutter,

Chain nosed pliers, often have a wire cutter as part of the tool.

Then, after you’re done to prepare these above items, you start to learn how to make homemade earring by yourself. Here are several instructions for you.

Determine the amount of beads and colors that you will want to make. Buy the eye pins or head pins in a length long enough for longer styles and shorter style. A post usually has a loop on the bottom to attach the dangle, unless you are using round flat discs for gluing on a flat item. Such as a button or flower.

Lay several designs out and decided which you like the most. Always count the amount of beads for each one, and make sure you have the same amount and style for the other earring. Nothing like having to crawl around on the floor looking through the carpet for ONE BEAD, just ONE more BEAD! It happens.

Many beads have large holes so the head pins might let the beads fall off easily. This usually happens during construction, but you will want to check this out before purchasing too many beads that might not work out. An eye pin will always hold, but leaves a loop on the bottom of the earring. Which is fine, Or your can add another bead on a jump ring to that loop with an aditional dangle of a larger bead. Make the earring by laying out the bead choices until the look that you want is acheived. Next add a small bead to the wire first, then a flat spacer bead or slightly larger bead to the wire.

The focal point bead can be put on next. Repeat in reverse the pattern below the focal point bead, and finish off the earring with either a wired loop or a basic loop. Make the other earring the same way. Once you have followed all of these steps, you can repeat them, beginning with step 1 to make your second earring. Congratulations, you have made your first pair of earrings!

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