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How to Make a Charm Bracelet by Yourself

If you want to learn how to make a charm bracelet, you’ll be happy to learn it’s quite simple to do. Charm bracelets can be an enchanting addition to any woman’s accessory collection. The customizable bracelets offer a wonderful way to mark certain events in one’s life or even show off interests or accomplishments. Eventually, a charm bracelet becomes a reflection of the woman who wears it. Consider to learn how to make a charm bracelet for close friends and relatives, searching for the perfect charms to honor accomplishments and spark memories.

DIY How to Make a Charm Bracelet

Here are some tutorial how to make a charm bracelet. But before you begin to make, you will need several things such as 6 to 10 medium-sized jump rings, charms, small lobster-claw clasp, needle-nose pliers and silver or gold chain.

Then, let us start this simple project! First of all, purchase between 5 to 10 inches of thin open-link silver or gold tarnish-resistant chain, depending on the size of the bracelet you want to make, from the bulk section of your local hardware store. The chain links need to be open enough to allow the addition of jump rings.

Use the tip of your needle-nose pliers to pull open the jump ring on the lobster-claw clasp. Slip one end of the jump ring through the last link on your bracelet and pinch the ends shut. Using the same technique, attach the other piece of the clasp (a large jump ring) to the last link on the opposite end of your chain and close tightly.

Try on your bracelet or allow the person you’re making it for to try it on. If it’s too loose, use your pliers to open up and remove a few links and then re-attach your clasp. If it’s too small, remove the large jump ring from the end of the chain and attach a piece of thin, tarnish-proof chain. Select a chain that is about 1/3 of the width of your main bracelet chain and 2 inches long. Attach it to the last link of your main chain with the pliers; this will make the bracelet adjustable.

Use your pliers to open one of the jump rings. Thread one end of the ring through a link in the bracelet and close both ends of the ring with the pliers. Repeat this step, placing one jump ring every four or five links until they are all attached. Attach at least one jump ring for every charm you wish to use.

Arrange your charms in the order you wish for them to be displayed on your bracelet, then attach them one by one by opening each jump ring slightly and slipping a charm onto each ring.

Secure each jump ring by overlapping the ends and pressing down firmly with the pliers until the metal fuses together. Complete this step only on the jump rings that already contain charms, or it will be too hard to pull them apart to add charms later. Well, these were several ways in how to make a charm bracelet for you. After all, purchasing jewelry can be very expensive. A homemade charm bracelet is a simple, inexpensive alternative to pricey store-bought bracelets. Meaningful and unique charms can be added to represent specific special events in a girl’s life, making the bracelet even more important to her in the years to come.

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