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About Plus Size Fashions for Women

Who said fashion is meant for only the hourglass figured women? Plus size fashion is growing in leaps and bounds and gone are the days when stores catered to only the toned bodies. Being a plus-size woman shouldn’t mean that you need to constantly (or ever) dress in frumpy, outdated, boring and matronly attire. There are so many ideas, tips, advice or guide about plus size fashions for women. With good tips or guide plus size fashions for women and proper preparation, plus size women can be chic and stylish in every occasions!

Guide of Plus Size Fashions for Women

Here are several guide of plus size fashions for women; For some people, being plus size and curvy are synonymous. However, this is not the case for all women. While some plus size women are curvy, others might have a rectangle (straight up and down figure), apple (rounded figure throughout), or pear shape (smaller on top with wider hips). The key is to determine your body shape so that you know how to balance it out. Deemphasizing the largest areas of the body can give a leaner appearance. Apple shapes can go bolder with clothing on the lower half of the body, while pear-shaped women should emphasize their shoulders with wide-neck tops. If you have a rectangular shape, emphasize the waistline with cropped jackets and belts.

Another guide of plus size fashions for women is choose the right colors. Gone are the days when black was your only color to work with. While black is still the most effective way to appear thinner, you can wear virtually any color so long as it doesn’t focus on the widest area of the body. For example, if you are a pear shape, you should wear your boldest colors up top and stick with solid, neutral colors on the bottom. Plus sizes should also be careful with prints and patterns, as these can give the illusion of fullness.

Plus-sized shoppers should not pass up the accessories counter. On the contrary, bold accessories can actually make you look thinner when worn correctly. Pear and rectangular shapes can benefit from chunky necklaces, especially when worn with a v-neck or scoop neck top. Wear a bold watch or wide bracelet if you are curvy — this will make your waist look thinner when your arms are at their sides. Finally, no one can go wrong with a stylish handbag or earrings. Both of these types of accessories draw attention away from areas of the body you might be concerned about, and give you an overall polished look.

One of the most important shopping rules to remember is to embrace your size. Clothing manufacturers vary, so sizes are not universal. Wearing the correct size will give you the leanest look, compared with trying to squeeze into a size too small. Remember that only you know what size clothes you’re wearing. Finally, whatever may be your size, learn to love yourself. It doesn’t matter what brands you splurge on, always keep it simple and stylish!

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