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Unique Gothic Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a must-have to every wedding ceremony. And Gothic wedding rings are perfect for those people who embrace the Gothic culture for their wedding. If you are one of them, you might want to know few designs of Gothic wedding rings. And below are some information about Gothic wedding rings. After all, knowing the designs and the meaning is a must before you decide to purchase.

Awesome Unique Gothic Wedding Rings

Gothic wedding rings are unique and have an extraordinary style that does not fail to attract many couples who are less interested in traditional wedding rings. They may not be the perfect choice for every couple, as they have Gothic symbols on them which bear a meaning. If you are game for an eccentric yet beautiful and symbolic wedding ring, you must try Gothic wedding rings.

While the mainstream culture may characterize Gothic as brooding, dark and dangerous, there are actually various aspects of Gothic jewelry design, that can be actually called gorgeous and intricate jewelry. Several of these rings represent the medieval romanticism with flowers and precious stones, golden embellishments and carvings along with symmetry. There are many Gothic style fantasy designs that have been interpreted from romantic horror. Because of such wide variety of Gothic aspects, They are versatile and have many unusual and bold designs.

The designs of Gothic wedding rings are highly inspired from occultism, horror and mysticism. These Gothic style wedding rings include many cryptic symbols like crosses, runes, pentacles and other kabbalistic symbols. For men, the designs include dragon rings or broad shaped dark-colored rings with geometric designs. Skull and flame designs also work well as Gothic engagement rings for men.

For women, celtic knots designs with intricate embellishments on it would be a great choice to consider. Pagan symbols and designs like dragons, pentagram, filigree designs are also great options of Gothic wedding rings to choose from. Wicca symbols, fantasy symbols like serpents and fairies make a lovely design for women.

You may also consider concave wedding bands with spikes and migraine edges and other patterned details. Often white gold and platinum metals are used, inlaid with black designs or pattern, making the classiest rings yet offer simplicity and elegance in their designs.

A plain black titanium band or black tungsten band would make really cool and unique Gothic wedding rings. You may customize it with colored precious gems like black diamonds, garnet, amethyst and onyx to make it intricate and feminine. Well, to be honest, these rings are not going to be available in any jewelry shop near you. There are a zillion different beautiful and cool Gothic designs to choose from. The catch lies in finding those! You may have to be willing to put an extra effort to check out Gothic shops or shops that sell chunky, unusual and Gothic stuff.

You can choose Gothic symbols that complement each other and represent love, romance and a union. Ankh is one of the many symbols in the Gothic culture which represents life and it makes a lovely design for a ring. You may ask the jeweler to inscribe your partner’s name in a Gothic ring with an Ankh symbol. Finally, there are a lot of different Gothic style wedding rings out there. Your goal is to find one that says a lot about your feelings for your lover. Most people like Gothic rings because of the way that they look. However, there is a lot more that goes to them than just looks. These are rings that are going to blow you away with their deep meanings, and it is, by far, one of the best wedding rings that you can choose to get.

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