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Great Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Engraving a wedding ring is a way of adding a personal touch. It can also be a means of commemorating a significant event or communicating to someone how much you care for her. Engraving individualizes the gift and will remind the recipient of you each time it is worn. When it comes to the actual content of the engraving, that wedding ring engraving ideas are widely. If you’re looking to get your wedding ring engraved, spend some quality time with your spouse choosing the best wedding ring engraving ideas that has sentimental value to both of you.

The Best Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Here are several great wedding ring engraving ideas for you and your spouse. Firstly, if you are unsure what to engrave on your wedding rings, consider keeping it simple. Sometimes the most simple of phrases really do say it all. Consider engraving each other’s names and the date that you got married. You can also put a simple phrase like “I love you,” “Forever yours” or simply “Forever.”

If you are sentimental and wish to express a little bit of your relationship on your wedding rings, choose something that holds meaning for you as a couple. Think of a song that has a significant meaning to both of you and pick out the phrase that sums it up to engrave on your wedding rings. Consider songs that you heard on your first date or a song that was playing in the background when you first said “I love you” or had your first kiss.

Another great wedding ring engraving ideas to help you symbolize your love for each other on your wedding rings is to choose a line from your favorite poem or a quote from a book or movie that has significance to you as a couple. You can also choose something that only you two know the meaning of. Perhaps you have a phrase that you say to each other or pet names that you call one another; these would make special, intimate engravings for your wedding rings.

You can engrave a few key words from your wedding vows onto your rings. Some people like this idea because you are literally carrying around your promise to each other every day. Because wedding vows are generally too long to put on rings in their entirety, choose the part that means the most to you and your promise to each other.

Monogram engraving is the practice of taking the bride and groom’s initials and intertwining them to create one image that is often ornate and artistic; mongrams represent two lives joined in marriage. Typically for this, the initial of the groom’s last name is in the middle flanked by the initial of the bride’s first name and then the initial of the groom’s first name. These were several great ideas for your wedding ring. Finally, you can have your wedding ring engraved when you buy them or have the inscription done at a later stage — perhaps to mark a special anniversary or other important occasion. It’s a charming way to make permanent a personal message of love to your partner.

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