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Lovely Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

A wedding is one of the most exciting things in one’s life. Due to this you should ensure that you really make the day a success by making yourself comfortable, by making the right choice for your dress. And long sleeved wedding dresses are a classic style to go for, if you want to don a unique outfit on this special day. Long sleeves are the ‘in thing’ and there are a number of sleeve styles which you can opt for, to make a fabulous bridal dress. Here’s more about the classic long sleeved wedding dresses.

Elegant Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

For a winter wedding, the long sleeved wedding dresses is perhaps the most appropriate and most practical option. Many such gowns are made with the specific purpose of being worn for a winter wedding. Dresses made of heavy materials such as stain, silk and velvet allow for warmth during the ceremony and reception. An alternative to purchasing a long-sleeved gown is to purchase a strapless or sleeveless gown and add a cover up, such as a bolero or stole, which can be easily removed during the reception should the bride wish.

Then, many different religions require brides to adhere to certain dress codes if they wish to be married in their place of worship. While dress codes have loosened over time in certain faiths, others have become stricter. For example, it is typically standard for brides being married in a Catholic church to carry a wrap covering their shoulders. However, the same dress code does not apply for a Catholic bride being married outdoors. For a Jewish bride, the regulations are more stringent. Covering of the shoulders is a requirement for even the most liberal Jewish faiths, but 3/4-length or wrist-length sleeves are the most common choice for Jewish brides.

Many brides have been put in the precarious situation of being offered a family heirloom bridal gown that has been worn by a previous woman in the family. Since many older gowns feature long sleeves, brides who choose a heirloom dress need to embrace the trend fully. As opposed to modern long-sleeve bridal gowns, antique or older dresses often feature lace or organza as opposed to satin or silk as the sleeve material.

If you looking for another inspiration then Kate Middleton the recent bride of England’s Prince William, long sleeved wedding dress can be your next new inspiration. Much speculation surrounded the design of her wedding dress, which was only revealed when she arrived at Westminster Abbey for her April nuptials. Her dress combined a mix of modern and traditional, with old-fashioned, long Chantilly-lace sleeves paired with a deep v-neckline. Priscilla Presley, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis all also opted for long sleeved wedding dresses. Finally, you can also check out the wedding special issues of magazines and websites that will give you a lot of ideas which will help in finalizing the design. So get ready to look the most charming bride with that elegant wedding dress.

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