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Easy and Cute Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails are always in style, really cute, easy to do and versatility. Easy and cute ponytail hairstyles are carry hairstyles, and look good on people with almost all face types. You can make ponytails in short, medium or long hair. Even if your hair is not long enough to pull into a cute ponytail, you can create any ponytail look with hair extensions. Finish with some hair styling you can make several different cute ponytail hairstyles and look trendy.

Simple Cute Ponytail Hairstyles

Here are several different easy and cute ponytail hairstyles. First style is make with the simple one, blow dry hair with a paddle brush and use a small amount of straightening balm to prevent curls or frizzing. Make a deep part on one side of the head measuring in about four inches. Sweep the front of the hair to one side and secure with bobby pin if needed. Spray the front of your hair with holding spray. Gather all of your hair back into a mid-low ponytail with a hairband or rubber band. Separate a small section of hair from the back of the ponytail and wrap it around the hairband. Wrap the hair around the ponytail and then tuck the hair in one loop of the hairband in the back. Stick a bobby pin at the bottom of the ponytail if needed.

Then, another cute ponytail hairstyles is side curly ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for medium-length to long hair. You can begin this hairstyle by roller setting your hair or curling it with a large barrel curing iron. Once the curls are set, use your fingers to gather your hair to one side of your head to create a loose, low ponytail using a ponytail holder. If you have any bangs, keep them out and wear them swept slightly over the forehead contrasting the other side of the ponytail or wear your bangs with an off-center part styled to the same side as the side ponytail. Finish the style by spraying it with a light hold hairspray.

Southern ponytail can be your next option to do. Part hair from ear to ear into a top and bottom section. The part should in the middle of the head horizontally. Secure top section of hair loosely with a ponytail holder. Take the point of a rattail comb and put it under the hair, just at the crown. Gently coax hair up until it’s just a little puffed. Add a flowered clip on one side of your hair near the ear for a more southern style. This style is inspired by Christina Aguilera. Then, the messy ponytail is the epitome of bed head, a sexy look that appears as if you just rolled out of bed. Pull the hair back into a ponytail anywhere on the back of your head and secure with a holder. Pull random strands of hair out of the front of the ponytail so they cascade around your face. Complete the messy look by teasing the ponytail and any wayward strands.

Or, you can go for the cheerleader style. The cheerleader style ponytail is high on the head and full of bounce. Bangs add a cute touch to the look, but are not necessary. Pull your hair back high atop your head, slightly behind the center of your skull, and secure with a ponytail holder. Curly works well with this look, so if your hair is not naturally curly, make a large ringlet with a curling iron. Curl your bangs slightly under or soften them with a dollop of mousse. Tie a colorful scarf around the base of the ponytail to finish off the look. These were several different easy and cute ponytail hairstyles. Now, that you know there are so many ways to style your hair other than just a simple ponytail, try out the above hairstyles ideas. And make sure, for a party you use hair accessories like elegant clips, and for cute ponytails use beads and cute hair clips.

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