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Female Hairstyles For Fat Faces

Any woman with a chubby, round, or fat faces who wants the most flattering haircut should look for styles that narrow her face. The wrong choice could make your face appear bigger or draw attention to your least favorite features, resulting in an unflattering cut. However, with a little research you can choose female hairstyles for fat faces that complements your face and highlights your best features. Browse through magazines for ideas and talk to your stylist. There are flattering female hairstyles for fat faces whether you prefer your hair long, short or somewhere in between.

Great Female Hairstyles for Fat Faces

Here are several female hairstyles for fat faces. Straight, blunt-cut bangs aren’t the best for chubby faces, as they’re too severe. Instead, opt for off-center or sideswept bangs that fall to your eyebrows. If bangs are too short, the roundness is emphasized. Wispy bangs are a good choice, instead of thick bangs. Bangs can work with a variety of hair lengths and textures, but generally look better on straight or wavy hair. Anyone with very curly hair should skip the bangs, as you need a more uniform length all over.

Volume on top of your head elongates your face. You don’t want volume on the sides of your face, as this will only make it look rounder. If you don’t have bangs, wear your hair off your face, directed to one side, instead of straight back. If you’re growing out your bangs, this is a good way to add height to your crown area. For long, straight hair, keep the sides closely brushed to your head. For curly hair, wear an off-center part and direct your curls to the side.

Longer styles are flattering on women with large faces. Hair that is past chin length will draw the eyes down, elongating your face. When styling your longer hair, avoid adding too much volume to the roots or large, bouncy curls, which will make the hair, head and face appear larger. Instead, choose a style where the sides of the hair are closer to the sides of the face with little volume on top, for a slimming effect.

If you love the look of curls and waves, then ensure you choose the correct style for your face. Tight curls close to the face or large, very curly hair will add body and fullness in all the wrong places. Instead, choose subtle waves that frame the face and are loose.

If you prefer short cuts, focus volume on the top and keep your sides closely cropped. You can wear the latest choppy style; just make sure your stylist cuts in long layers and directs them to one side. Your choppy hairdo should stop around ear-length for an elongating effect. Otherwise, wear your hair past chin length.

In case you are one of the people who like to style your own hair, you can snatch ideas from celebrities with round faces, as they have professional and reputable hair stylists for help. Borrow their different looks and come up with a great and unique hairstyle for you that will make you look great. The style you choose should also give you comfort and confidence to face the world.

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