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Classy Finger Wave Hairstyles

Finger wave hairstyles are the classic look of the flapper era, typically worn close to the head. This look remains a beautiful choice for a formal look for short or bobbed hair, but can be done with longer hair as well. It became popular due to the influence of the many Hollywood actresses who wore finger wave hairstyles. They wore styles such as the Pompadour Finger Wave, the Varsity Bob Wave and the Lorelei Bob Wave. Finger waving consists of shaping or molding the hair into s-shaped curves. When the hair dries, curves and deep waves are left behind. The process is successful on straight hair as well as curly hair.

Finger Wave Hairstyles Instructions

Finger wave hairstyles are easier to do on hair that is straight or just slightly wavy. Hair that is curly should be straightened chemically before you attempt finger waves. They also work best on shorter hair. Finger waves can still be done on longer hair, though you will probably want to sweep your hair into a bun after waving the top.

The flawless results of finger wave hairstyles can be achieved on both straight and wavy hair. If you have curly hair, straighten them with a flat iron before you begin. Try to avoid usage of any lotions for thin hair, as it will only make the waves very flat. Take a wide-toothed comb to part your hair from the side (whichever you prefer). Make sure you are close to the scalp while making the partition. Comb your hair gently till it is smooth. Your hair should be damp and not dripping wet.

Add the lotion you purchased from the store (specific for this hairstyle). Take only a quarter-size amount on your palm and rub between both hands. Use the lotion to apply on one side of the hair you just parted. Make sure the lotion is completely coated in the hair. Use the comb to spread the lotion throughout your hair. Now shape your hair by using the comb. You will have to create the volume needed for the hairstyle from the front partition of the hair. Make sure your hair is smooth as you comb it. The bumps will be 1 inch apart throughout the hair, starting from the front. So, you leave an inch of space from the hairline. Take the first bump in the comb and press it down towards your scalp.

Hold the bump in its place for some time and then pinch it with your middle finger and pointer finger. Try to keep the bump closer to the scalp, so that the height won’t be too much. The bumps throughout your hair should look like soft waves in the ocean. Now point the teeth of the comb down towards the scalp (don’t remove the comb from the hair as you do this). Gently comb your hair against the scalp and then dip the comb backwards in a semicircular movement. Keep both the fingers in place as you do this. Now you will have that shallow dip for the hairstyle. Take the comb and fingers out of your hair, respectively. This is your first wave.

Follow the directions to create the rest of the finger waves. If you can’t do the ones on the back, ask a friend for some help.¬† After the waves are dry, you can either leave them set for a sculpted look or try gently combing them out for a softer look. These were steps about how to do finger wave hairstyles. Finger waves are silky, shiny waves placed close around the head. The look is polished, elegant and photographs well. Now that you know how to do this hairstyle, dazzle everyone with this retro and fashionable hairdo.

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