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Medium Bob Hair Styles For Women

Bob is a classic hairstyle, which is popular among women of all ages. It makes little girls look cute, while women can sport a stylish inverted bob.¬† If you don’t like very short short modern hairstyles then consider getting medium bob hairstyles. Now, the length of the bob can be till your chin or a little below. Medium bob hairstyles are the better idea, as these hairstyles will allow you to style your hair. While a short bob can’t be styled. This just shows how versatile medium bob hairstyles are. But, now let us look at the various styles of medium bob hairstyles.

Different Styles of Medium Bob Hairstyles

Several styles of the medium bob hairstyles are start with blunt bob. The bob is traditionally a one-length sharp haircut that falls right at the jaw line. The mid-length version can be equally as cute and modern, except it lands at a very flattering clavicle-length. Anne Hathaway and Zoe Saldana have both sported this medium haircut with slightly different variations; while Hathaway preferred straighter tresses parted slightly off-center, Saldana’s sleek hair was parted down the middle and glamorized by adding volume around the bob’s crown.

Actresses Emily Blunt and Rachel Bilson are among the many celebrities who have converted the lack of hair trimming into a fashion-worthy hairstyle. “Elle” magazine featured this shoulder-length look, which started as a short asymmetrical bob — cropped higher in the back, graduated to longer lengths in the front. Once the hair grows out, additional layers were cut into the hair, removing any access bulk that could give the bob a triangular-like appearance. Waves or curls were introduced to this cut for a more flirtatious appearance.

For a more elegant, red-carpet ready appearance, celebrities such as American comedic actress Tina Fey and British-born screen siren Kate Beckinsale have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, opting for a sculpted bob. Evoking 1940s glamor, sculpted waves can transform a layered mid-length bob from the mundane to evening appropriate. In pure Rita Hayworth fashion, the style can be achieved by parting the hair on one side, then curling it with a large barrel curling iron. Styling pomades and hairspray can helped the tresses maintain their deep wave pattern.

From the deeply sculpted to the disheveled, the “bed-head” bob look is a casual-chic look worn by the likes of supermodel turned fashion aficionado Kate Moss. A slightly messy and tousled medium bob, this hairstyle has been cited by Glamour magazine as being a hairstyle most adored by the opposite sex — partly because it has the look of effortless sex appeal. And though the style recreates a very happenstance morning look, it is the result of dampening a blunt or layered bob with a salt-infused hair product. Then scrunch the moistened hair by hand to add a bit of body, and well, messiness. Well, as you can see, there are so many styles of medium bob hairstyles. So, in the meantime if you get bored with your hairstyle but not prefer with too short hair, then you can go for medium bob hairstyles.

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