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Pretty Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Long enough to host a variety of styles and short enough to show sophistication, shoulder length hairstyles provides versatility many women appreciate. These hairstyles with the length is ideal for those who wish to be stylish without all the hassles. Many women prefer shoulder length hairstyles also because they can be styled in various ways to suit various face types. If you think you should not be left out from the fun then take a look at some great idea suggested for shoulder length hair.

Women Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Here are several ideas of shoulder length hairstyles; free flowing hair. Whether shoulder-length hair is cut into a blunt bob or long flowing layers, the proper technique in blowing out hair can make you look as if you’ve just visited the salon. Some simple products and tools you’ll need include shine serum, a comb with a tail, a clip, a round brush and a blow-dryer. Apply a dime-sized amount of shine serum to towel-dried hair and blow dry on medium-high heat until hair is almost completely dry. Using the tail end of your comb, section off the bottom layer of hair and clip the remainder up. Wrap hair by 1-inch sections around your round brush. If you want hair flipped out, wrap the round brush over the hair and blow dry from underneath. If you want a more traditional turned-under look, wrap hair over the round brush and blow dry from above the brush. Continue drying 1-inch sections, releasing one layer of hair at a time and repeating the process until all sections are complete. If you have bangs, wear them curled under and falling into your brows or swept across the forehead for a romantic look. Apply a few drops of shine serum to hair for a polished sheen.

For a classic, glamorous look, go for shoulder length hairstyles with a dramatic side part with cascading curls. You’ll need a set of hot rollers, a comb with a tail and hairspray. Part dry hair to the side you prefer. Section off 1-inch sections of hair with your comb and roll onto hot rollers, turning away from the face. At the part, roll one roller in one direction and the other side of the part in the opposite, both rolled away from the face. Align rollers in a straight line from the front of hair to the nape of the neck, with 3 rollers on each side of the head. Once the rollers have cooled completely, remove them and work out waves with fingers. Apply a light mist of hairspray all over to hold the curls in place.
Fun and simple updos can be done with either curly or straight shoulder-length hair. Adding accessories, such as a sparkly headband, will add sizzle to your look. Create a simple knotted bun. Begin by gathering hair at the nape of the neck and securing with an elastic band. Wrap the loose ponytail around the band and secure with a few small bobby pins. Either tuck ends in completely or leave a few tendrils out for a playful look. These were some great shoulder length hair ideas for you. Lastly, don one of the best shoulder length hairstyles above and get ready to look best!

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