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Awesome Fashion for Teen Girls

Teenagers have now become smarter with a stronger sense of fashion and personality. They prefer wearing something that makes them stand out in the crowd. The choice of clothing has become funky and trendy with lively outfits and fashion accessories. For all teenage girls, you must to know that adolescence is a time to gain your own fashion identity. Experiment with different fashion for teen girls to find the type of clothing that represents you best.  Once you have figured out your style, look for fashion for teen girls ideas in magazines, see what celebrities are wearing and look at the girls in your community. Or you can take some awesome ideas of fashion for teen girls in the following paragraphs.

Different Fashion For Teen Girls

In the world of fashion for teen girls, there are ample of choices and options. Let us start with the first idea. It’s the boho fashion for teen girls. The boho, or bohemian, fashion is simple, casual and stylish. Made popular by teen celebrities, such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, this trend combines several elements to give you a laid-back hippie look. The main elements include a floaty prairie skirt, cut-off tights, cowboy boots and big sunglasses. A strappy vest or a feminine blouse works well on top. Big bead necklaces and lots of bangles are the right accessories for this look.

Looking for smart fashion for teen girls? then go for preppy fashion. Preppy fashion is a smart and grown-up look for a teen girl. Wearing a v-neck sweater or polo shirt is indicative of the preppy trend, teamed with khaki shorts or skirt, knee-high socks, a blazer and tennis shoes or other flats. To make the look a bit edgier, try adding items of plaid, nautical stripes, suspenders or bold colored socks or tights. You could also try wearing high-heels as part of a new take on this fashion.

Then, another fashion for teen girls are the grunge and emo fashion. the grunge look started in the late 1980s and was popularized in the early 1990s by the band Nirvana. However, it is still popular for teens today. Grunge is almost anti-fashion, intended to look effortless, as though you’re not trying. To get the grunge look, wear ripped up jeans with sneakers. You should wear plain cotton t-shirts, or band t-shirts, and flannel or plaid shirts over the top. Alternatively, you could try a floral print baby doll dress with work boots.

Emo is a relatively recent teen girl fashion. The emo trend requires you to wear mostly black, but with accents of bright colors, such as neon pink or green. Emo girls normally wear black skinny jeans and a studded belt. Shirts are often brightly colored or black with a bright logo. In emo fashion, you can’t go wrong with shirts or accessories, such as hair clips, that feature Japanese cartoon characters, especially Hello Kitty. Well, these were some awesome fashion for teen girls. After all, as a teen girl, you can try all of these ideas, and choose the fashion that makes you comfortable and working it.

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