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Pretty Flower Girl Hairstyles

All eyes will be focused on the flower girl as she prepares the aisle for the bride’s entrance. From her dress to her hairstyle, she will be admired by everyone attending the wedding. Choose a hairstyle that complements her age, length of hair and the wedding theme. Pretty flower girl hairstyles also have always been a girl’s ambition. There are several ideas for flower girl hairstyles that really great for the special day.

Stunning Flower Girl Hairstyles

Start with pinned flower barrettes. This style of flower girl hairstyles works well on girls with thick hair that ends a few inches before the shoulder. Begin by brushing her hair thoroughly and parting it down the middle or side if you desire. Gather a 3-inch piece of hair above either ear and draw each section above her temples with your hands or a comb. Each section of hair is twisted once and secured in place using a flower-adorned spring-clasp barrette. The sections must be thick enough so the barrettes won’t slip out. A few shots of flexible hairspray over the entire head help maintain the style.

The reverse ponytail works well on hair without layers that falls at or below the shoulders. In this style, the girl’s hair twists on either side of her head into a low-slung ponytail on the nape of her neck. Begin with a standard low-slung ponytail and carefully, pull the elastic two inches away from her scalp. Your fingers must create an opening in the hair between the lowered elastic and her scalp. Push the ponytail up into the opening and pull it down and through on the opposite side. Push the elastic back toward her scalp to secure the style and finish with a single ribbon or flowery barrette.

A flowered bun offers the security and simplicity appropriate for a toddler-aged flower girl. Brush the little girl’s hair into a ponytail on the crown of her head. The ponytail is twisted and coiled around the original hair elastic. A flowery or sparkling hairpin secures the coiled bun to the scalp every two inches until the entire bun is successfully pinned. The result is a coiled updo with decorative hairpins arranged concentrically around the bun.

This romantic and classic style is perfect for a flower girl with hair of any length. The hair must be brushed and detangled thoroughly before securing the wreath to avoid painful snarls later. Draw two-inch sections of hair above either ear and secure them together behind her head with a clear, non-rubber hair elastic. This prevents the hair from falling forward, in front of the wreath. A wreath of flowers is then secured to the crown of her head using hair pins ever few inches. These were several ideas for flower girl hair. Having the perfect flower girl hairstyles on the wedding day is important to set the scene when walking down the aisle!

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