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Black Hairstyles for Black Women

Black women are renowned for diversifying their hair styles. And black hair has a unique texture and different styling needs than most other types of hair. However, there are many black hairstyles that you can achieve maneuvering black hair. These black hairstyles can take your most beautiful facial features and make them even more stunning!

Stunning Black Hairstyles

Here are several black hairstyles that really good for black women. Firstly, as a black woman, you should try a wrap hairstyle. A wrap hairstyle takes relaxed hair and wraps it so that it falls in a framing around the face. Relaxed hair has been treated with a chemical relaxer to straighten it. After the relaxer is applied and rinsed out, the hair is combed into a circular crown. It is kept in place with a thin styling paper and hair clips. The hair is then dried under a dryer until no moisture remains. Once the styling paper is removed, the hair is loosened with a comb and is lightly curled under so that it frames the face.

For the haircut, choose a bob haircut. This is a popular style that stacks the hair into a layered short cut. The front of the hair is usually tapered just below the ears.The back of the hair is layered and tends to be shorter than the front. A bob cut is easy to maintain because once it is styled in, it doesn’t require much more than a simple combing to make it look complete.

Wanna go something different? the go for dreadlock black hairstyles. Dredlocks are a hairstyle worn by women of all cultures and races. African-American women can wear dredlocks by first twisting or palm rolling their natural hair to allow the locks to begin forming. Then it is just a matter of giving the hair time to grow into locks. As the hair grows, it does have to be continuously tightened and rolled to allow the new growth to become dreded. As the dredlocks grow in length, they can be worn in a variety of styles. Wearing them all down, or swooping the top portion back into a pontytail are some examples. Dredlocks can also be dyed a variety of colors to give the appearance of highlights.

Of if not, you can try this one; braids. There are many styles of African-American braids. Some braids are styled by using natural hair, while others incorporate synthetic hair to make the braids fuller or longer. Popular styles include cornrows and micro braids. Cornrows are styled by dividing the hair into sections from the root of the scalp and tightly braiding it into sections to the nape of the neck or beyond. Micro braids are weaved into the scalp to create the appearance of braids or sometimes a curly hairstyle. Both methods of braiding can be time-consuming to complete, but are well worth the effort. They are very popular and can give women a classy or an edgy look.

For the easiest ones; natural black hairstyles. Many African-American women shy away from relaxers and choose to embrace their natural hair. Styles that accommodate this include faded cuts, afros or hair that is hot pressed. Faded cuts are styles that keep the hair low cut or shaven. This style provides a very sleek and sophisticated look. Afros can be worn low as well, or grown out to be long and flowing. Many women accessorize this style with a delicate flower clipped in the hair or a headband. Finally, black hairstyles are beautiful and luxurious. Whether the style you choose, today’s black hairstyles now provide beautiful, celebrity-like selection with black hair care and advanced active ingredients.

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