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Short Edgy Haircuts

Hair is an amazing accessory, available immediately and all the time, able to be customized, changed and fashioned according to the occasion or a whim. For girls who wish to experiment with short hairstyles, then short edgy haircuts can be the best choice. Also in short edgy haircuts, many options are available; most require simple salon assistance or just a few supplies to use at home.

Awesome Edgy Haircuts

For those who looking for short edgy haircuts you can add some color and stack the bob high in the back so that it’s nearly shaved close to your neckline and gets slightly longer as it inches up the back of your head. Your hair should gradually get longer as it reaches the front of your head and allow the front two strands to hang down longer than the rest of your cut. Add jagged layers throughout the front and sides of your cut. Give your do some more attitude by adding hot pink chunky highlights throughout the style. Style your cut using a dime-sized amount of styling serum on wet hair. Wind a large round brush around the front and side layers and blow dry. Rub a dime-sized amount of pomade between your hands and fingers and work your fingers through your dry hair to accentuate the jags and layers. Be sure you drag your fingers through the pieces with color to make the color pop.

Or you can go for short punk edgy haircuts. This traditional female punk look has never gone out of style and continues to have that edgy appeal. Cut the back of your hair extremely short, leaving only one to one and a half inches in back. Your sides should be short and barely covering your ears. The top and bang area are kept long. Layer the top to create body and volume and have your bangs layered. Your bangs should be no shorter than cheekbone length. If you are looking for a wash and go haircut, this is it. Rub a dime-sized amount of hair gel in your do while it’s still wet. Towel dry to remove excess gel and water. Wind the top portion of your hair around a large round brush and blow dry. Dry in sections and do the same for your bangs.

Rub a drop of styling serum between your fingers and work your fingers through your bangs and top. Run your fingers up and off to one side to create volume and direction. These were just a few edgy haircut for you. Pick a style which suits you and go to a stylist to get the haircut done. To maintain your haircut you will need to keep getting a trim regularly every 6-8 weeks, to maintain the edgy hair.

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