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Sheath Dresses for Female

Sheath dresses are form-fitting, smooth-line, sleeveless dresses that hug the waist and the hips with no flare in the skirt. A sheath dress, named after the close-fitting sheath of a sword, is a classic, versatile item for any woman to have in her closet. Slim-fitting, but structured enough to minimize imperfections, a carefully selected sheath can accentuate the waist and curves of women of all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, contemporary designers offer sheath dresses in a wide variety of colors and patterns, sleeve lengths, necklines, hemlines and fits. They can be worn all year round, and make for a perfect day-to-night outfit with some simple accessory changes.

Adorable Sheath Dresses

Most sewing patterns for sheath dresses have bust darts and waist darts. Darts are small folds in the fabric that allow the dress to fit close to the body. A typical sheath dress is sleeveless with a zipper closure at the back. However, sleeve lengths vary and so do necklines. Throughout these variations, the sheath’s fitted shape is its constant characteristic.

The sheath dress can be traced back to the 1950s when two silhouettes dominated fashion for women. The “New Look,” popularized by Christian Dior, emphasized a small waist with a full skirt. The other was the sheath, also emphasizing the waist but with the skirt following the contours of the female body. Both silhouettes highlighted a woman’s shape, according to Fasion-Era. It was a contrast to clothing in the 1940s when fabric had to be rationed and the war gave fashion a somber mood. The sheath dress, unlike the “New Look” had a longer lifespan. It remained popular in the 1960s and has withstood many trends since then.

To wear the sheath dresses, you will need some ideas that might will give you a new inspiration. For a powerful work look, pair a classic boat-neck sheath dress with a cropped, fitted blazer, high-heeled pumps and a simple pearl or bead necklace. In a more casual office environment, throw a cardigan over your shoulders instead and accessorize with your favorite gold or silver jewelry. Then, for evening occasions, a sheath dress with a bit of lace or beading detail can go a long way at a dinner party or cocktail event. Dress it up further with strappy high-heeled sandals and an evening clutch. Add just one more bit of flash to complete the ensemble: a pair of chandelier earrings, a statement necklace or a fur bolero will maximize your look without overdoing it.

For weekend, a pastel or jewel-toned sheath dress is perfect for looking stylish at a weekend picnic or barbecue. Pair your dress with a patterned silk scarf, stud earrings and a simple tote. A pair of ballet flats or elegant flat sandals will complete the look. And for cold weather, pair a long-sleeved sheath dress with a pashmina, tights and a pair of high-heeled tall boots. A belt or vintage brooch are good ways to add a bit of color or sparkle in the dreary winter months. Well, these were several information about sheath dresses. With so many benefits of these dresses, then, what are you waiting for? go purchase now and ready for classy style.

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