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Cute Short Hair Cuts

Short hair cuts are back in fashion. A short hair cut shows women as individuals who are very friendly and free. Women want to look feminine and having short hair is easy to take care of, especially for working women and mothers. A short hair cut is also very ideal for your professional look because they give an impression and is neat. Currently, the hairstylist has a large number of short hair cuts for women. Here are some snippets of short hair for women.

Short Hair for Women

Start the option of short hair cuts with pixie cuts. For those who have spent their lives hiding behind a mane of hair, a pixie cut may seem like the ultimate exposure. Nothing shows off great bone structure and adorable features like a pixie. Take edgy cues from celebrities like Halle Berry and Rihanna, who have sported the pixie for years, or get classic inspiration from pixie icons like Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, and Linda Evangelista. Make sure to print out a picture of your ideal pixie cut before heading to the salon. Pixies are short on the sides and back, and kept longer in front. You can opt for wispy layers, bangs, or extra length at the nape of the neck. The same cut can be worn multiple ways: sleek it back with hair gel for killer glam, or rough it up and let it air-dry for an endearing, casual look. Pixies look best on oval or heart-shaped faces, and work well with hair that has a little natural wave.

For a longer look, with a bit of a rocker edge, try the shag haircut. This style was popularized by Meg Ryan, and is often called the “Meg Ryan Shag.” The shag is long enough to be tucked behind the ears. It’s very layered, with more layers at the top of the head than the bottom, which gives the shag volume and its signature flippy look. Ask your stylist to give you choppy, texturized ends, and layers all over. Since the shag looks well when worn a little messy, you don’t need to worry about keeping it impeccably trimmed. Feel free to add extra texture with salt spray or a curling iron.

Then, for chin-length hair–long enough to pin up, short enough to air-dry–there’s nothing as classic as the bob. A bob haircut means that your hair is cut at one length, straight around the head, usually with bangs. The bob was popularized in the twenties, when it was seen as a symbol of rebellion. Now, it’s purely chic. The classic bob is sleek, shiny, and heavily banged, but that’s not all the bob can do. Ask for light layers to add a little texture, and don’t be afraid to rock a wavy bob. Your bangs can be as light or as heavy as you want, depending on your hair type. If you’re opting for no bangs, try wearing your bob parted over one eye. If you love styling your own hair, an angular bob, longer on one side than the other–as sported by Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton–provides you with a host of styling options, but requires extra care to keep it looking edgy.

These are few cute short hair cuts that you can sport. These trendy haircuts add an extra zing to your personality. Patronize a quality salon or a trusted stylist, and bring a picture. Ask if she is comfortable cutting hair short. If she is not, ask someone else until you’re satisfied with the answer. Giving a flattering short haircut demands skill, and some stylists specialize in longer cuts. Also, be vocal! If you end up disliking your cut, go back to the salon and ask the stylist to fix it. If all else fails, don’t despair. You may not like it for a few weeks, but your hair will grow back. After all, feel confident, free and in control with your cute, short haircut.

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