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Awesome Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles display the beauty and texture of black hair in their own way. In fact, the natural curly pattern of African-American hair allows it to be styled in various ways. There are so many options of natural hairstyles that one can wear different types of hair styles every day. Also, with the right hair accessories, one can make their hairstyle look even more attractive. Below given are some of the natural hairstyles for African-American women that certainly look gorgeous and sexy if stylized properly.

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Natural hairstyles in side ponytail. This is one of the great natural hairstyles for black women. You do not have to undergo any rigorous process for this hairstyle. Just wash your hair with a mild smoothing shampoo with conditioner and let it air dry. Try to avoid hair dryers as they make your hair more dry and rough. Once your hair is completely dry apply a little amount of hair serum or non sticky hair oil and make your hair tangle free. Now secure a low ponytail at either side of the head and your side ponytail is ready. This hairstyle is very much in these days and suits almost any type of face shape.

One of the most popular natural hairstyles are braids. Braids are perfect if you have greasy hair, and thus great lifesavers from a bad hair day. You can go with African-American natural hairstyles of braiding or go with some simple and faster to create braid hairstyles. Simple braid styles are English braid, French braid and fishbone braid. But, if you want long-lasting braid styles consider getting micro braids, cornrows or partial cornrows done. Then, updos are great hairstyles for work. There are various ways to create these natural hairstyles for black women. A simple way to do this is simply scoop the hair and fix them in a messy bun. You can also create French bun or best create a nice braided updo style. However, if you have very short hair, then it is not possible to create an updo. Then you can simply comb your hair, and create a simple high ponytail style. If there are too many loose hair strands coming out, then secure them with snap clips.

Zulu knots are often considered to be one of the most original and natural African-American hairstyle, ethnically. Natural black hair can be sectioned off into five or six large sections, and then braided and twisted into as many knots. This hairstyle is not only trendy and playful, but also keeps the hair neat and tidy for a longer period of time. Using a rat tail comb, the hair is parted and a division is created. Similarly, many divisions can be created as needed (usually it’s 6 – 8 knots for kids, and as many or a couple more for adults). Also called the Bantu knots, this hairstyle originated among African tribeswomen, and eventually spread elsewhere. Well, these were just some of the natural hairstyles for black women, where you do not have to use chemicals, such as relaxers or perms to make their hair look stylish. You can use hair products for natural hair and flaunt your natural look with proud and style.

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