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Best Working Shoes for Women

If you are a working woman who carries a pair of “comfortable” shoes in your bag just in case you can no longer stand the pain, then you should consider getting yourself a pair of working shoes for women. Working shoes for women are important for women who do a lot of walking, either in the office or while working away from the office. It’s not only about personal comfort; work performance may suffer if improper shoes lead to sore feet or blisters.

The Best Working Shoes For Women

Here are several tips to finding the best working shoes for women. Your toes need ample space to rest in your shoe, but shoes that are too big make your toes shift around, and you may get calluses walking at work during the day. Stand when you try on work shoes and note whether your toes are cramped. Some women’s shoe styles have a very pointed toe that may squish your toes, depending on the footwear’s style and quality. Your heel should be comfortable as well. Don’t purchase the shoe if your heel lifts out of the shoe when you walk, or the shoe digs into it.

Ensure the shoes fit on your larger, wider foot, and shop for work shoes at the end of the day, when your foot is slightly larger because of swelling. If one foot is considerably larger than the other is, consider purchasing the larger shoe size and placing an insole in the shoe for your smaller foot. Choose a shoe shaped similarly to your foot. If you have wide feet, steer clear from narrow, tapered shoes.

Purchase a shoe style that won’t go out of season in several months. Look for a basic flat or low-heeled pump, slipper or Mary Jane style that goes with most of your wardrobe. Choose a neutral color like brown or black. If you work in a more casual or “fashion-savvy” workplace, play with alternative colors or rich textured materials like suede, Oxford or shoes with small embellishments or details for a fashionable touch — but never choose looks over comfort. Shoes that look great but pinch throughout the day aren’t the best work shoes. Avoid open-toed, strappy styles in the office for safety reasons.

The best working shoes for women give you excellent arch support, Walk around in them while shopping and note whether they have enough cushioning. Walk on different surfaces and consider whether you have carpet, tile or cement floors at work. Choose shoes that breathe well. Cheap plastic and faux leather footwear may not breathe as well as canvas and leather shoes. Do not purchase shoes with insoles in mind, since they can reduce the shoe’s cushion and arch support. In addition, note that quality shoes have very little “break-in”, so if they’re uncomfortable from the start, they’re not the best option. These were several information for you. Hope these will help you to decide which shoes that great and comfort for working days.

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