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Elegant Modern Wedding Dresses

A wedding is a special occasion. So it will need the stunning bridal wear. With so many choices, you can always choose what the best for you. For those who prefer a simple and elegant dress, then you can go for modern wedding dresses. Many modern wedding dresses are inspired by clothes worn on the catwalk – it is a simple matter to convert some of the nineteen twenties style clothing into modern wedding dresses.

2013 Modern Wedding Dresses

While white remains the most popular color for the full gown, modern wedding dresses are not afraid to experiment with color. They have either added accents that add a contrasting splash, such as a black lace pair of gloves or pink pearls, or have done up a dress in another color altogether. Some of the common hues have been light pink, blue, champagne and a brown cappuccino. Then, long wedding gowns that sweep the floor and require help with the train to get down the aisle may never go out of style, but they are no longer the only style. Brides have been sporting shorter dresses, often cut at the knee or even the mid-thigh. Those that are really daring have gone for micro-minis, which can still look classy when paired with opaque tights and a top half that provides full coverage.

Lace, too, is a wedding-dress trend that remains eternal. It can be used on the dress in so many variations, styles and colors that it’s too versatile to go out of style. Beaded lace is extremely popular on modern dresses and immediately turns an ordinary dress into something out of a fairy tale. Lace can adorn the bodice, top off the bell-shaped skirt or cover an entire dress with exquisite detail.

One-shouldered gowns or those cut on a bias give a modern, edgy look to any bride. These styles work best in a solid, sleek sating to give an art-deco look. The asymmetrical design can also be applied to sleeves and accessories, with a veil that cascades over one side of the head, creating an amazing silhouette. One more look is having a satin sheath of a dress covered asymmetrically in lace, leaving part of it exposed for a two-tone effect.

Other fun possibilities for modern brides include dresses adorned with fringe, vintage jewels and intricate embroidery. Faux or real fur has even been seen lining the cuffs and collars of some modern dresses, as have feathers. Choosing a simple, fitted, strapless top with a detailed skirt is another way to go. Skirts can feature everything from scalloped satin folds to delicate strands of ribbon. Finally, every bride wants to look special on her wedding day, she wants to believe that her wedding dress is the only one like it; and this is possible in the modern world. Selecting the best modern wedding dresses doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are so many online stores that provide tons of options.

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