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Dreadlock Hairstyles for Women

Looking for unique and different hairstyles for women? then you must try this one, dreadlock hairstyles. Dreadlock hairstyles also known as dreads, are matted, coiled hair, that can be made by twisting, or backcombing the hair. In certain cases, when the hair is left on its own to grow, without regular washing or brushing, it twists together to form freeform dreadlocks. Dreadlock hairstyles can be styled and personalized just as much as free-flowing hair. You can customize your dreads and add more of your own individual flair to your hair by changing the size or length of your dreads, or by manipulating your dreadlocks into different styles.

Female’s Dreadlock Hairstyles

Here are several dreadlock hairstyles for women. A lot of women with dreadlocks choose to let their dreads flow naturally, free and without decoration of any kind. This is a great way for a woman to show off the beauty of her dreadlocks while maintaining her long, flowing hair at the same time. Then, tere are a variety of ways that a woman can keep her dreadlocks up and out of the way. Hair buns can be made quite easily out of dreadlocks and, if you’re clever enough, you can even use your own dreadlocks to keep the buns up and in place.

Ponytails are also easy to do with long dreadlock hairstyles. Simply pull your dreadlocks back as you normally would, but leave one dreadlock hanging free. While keeping hold of your dreads, use your free hand to loop the loose dread around and tuck it through. This works as a very convenient ponytail holder. Or you can go for bunches. Add some color and flair to your ordinary dreadlocks by using colored ribbons, rope or string to tie your dreads in bunches. This tends to result in a cute, youthful look that really brings attention to your dreadlocks.

Not only can you braid your individual dreadlocks together into large braids, but you can also braid colored string or rope into your dreadlocks. When done correctly, this looks like the colored string is actually a part of your natural hair. Beads are also cool. Many women who have dreadlocks decorate them with beads of all types. These are easy to find in any craft store, though more intricate and expensive glass beads can be found at art shows and festivals. Wood, ceramic, plastic, pewter and glass beads all make great-looking dread beads that are durable, attractive and unique.

Dread sleeves can be fashioned from any number of materials, including cloth and even glass or plastic beads using a peyote stitch method. These can be made as colorful as you want, and decorations or designs can even be placed within the stitch itself. These were several dreadlock hairstyles for women. Dreadlock hairstyles for women can be fun and quirky at the same time. They are not just restricted to hippies and members of counterculture movements. In fact, many women have adopted these styles for an offbeat look. Before choosing the hairstyle, it is best to consult a stylist. Getting a particular dreadlock style, and its maintenance is certainly not an easy job. With expert advice however, it would be easy to choose, and care for your hairstyle.

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