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Cool Micro Braid Hairstyles

African-American hairstyles have a certain uniqueness which appeal to many and micro braid hairstyles are amongst the low maintenance African-American hairstyles which give you a modish look. Micro braid hairstyles refer to tiny hair braids that call for hours for styling. These hair braids require an expert hairstylist as they involve a complex process. Like any other Afro-American hair braids, these can be worn for a long period of time. Ideally, to have a stylish micro braid hairstyle, would require you to have at least medium length hair. This gives more scope to the hairstylist. Micro braids are rather tiny in appearance as compared to all other braids, and are very delicate.

Delicate Micro Braid Hairstyles

Micro braid hairstyles hinder cleaning-up and moisturizing your hair. This leads to many hair and scalp problems such as dryness, roughness, brittleness and even dandruff. Therefore, if you are planning to have micro braids for a months or so, you need to prepare well for it. Start preparing your hair at least 15 days prior to micro braiding. Oil your hair well with coconut or mustard oil an hour before shampooing. Do this every time you shampoo your hair. Use a deep conditioner right after shampooing while the hair is wet. Your hair should be in an over-all healthy state to form micro braids on it. It should be content with oil and moisture. Even if you find your hair to be healthy and fine, go for a hot oil treatment.

You can perform it at home by yourself or get it done by a professional at a salon. Get your hair trimmed before micro braiding. This will get you rid of split ends, which is necessary for creating a clean, healthy and eye-catching look on micro-braided hair.Shampoo and condition your hair well and allow it to air dry. When the hair is completely dry, comb it with a wide toothed comb to open all the knots. Then, comb with a fine toothed brush. Divide your hair by making a partition at the middle of your scalp. On both the halves, divide the hair in small sections. Hold each section with a rubber band or clip to keep them separate from each other. Try to keep the width of all the sections equal. Take the hair section in front. Divide it into three smaller sections. Hold the ones on the sides with your fingers. Make the left section of hair cross over the right. By doing this, you will get the left section at the middle and the middle section of hair on the left side. Now, move the right section over the present middle section of hair. As a result, you will have the right hair section in the middle, left section on the right side and the middle section on the left side. This completes the first braid. Follow the instructions on making braids till you reach the end of the hair section. Hold it with a rubber band. This completes the first micro braid on your hair. Repeat these instructions on each section of hair separately.

There are certain things that you need to consider while learning how to do micro braid hairstyles. First of all, if you have brittle hair, micro braids are not a thing for you. Secondly, it suits short hair better as it tends to break longer hair more. This is why you should consider cutting your hair short before micro-braiding. Thirdly, do not make the micro braids too tight or too tiny. You should feel normal and relaxed while having your hair micro braided. This will reduce the damage on your hair and scalp when kept for long. Fourthly, do not keep the micro braids longer than a period of two months. Fifthly, wash your hair well twice a week. After all you will definitely need to take a few efforts to get a fresh and stylish look. And also experiment and get creative to cause heads to turn your way!

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