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Beautiful Wedding Headpieces

Wedding is one of those auspicious moments of your life and every girl wants to look her best on that day. In the snowy white ethereal flowing wedding gown, she would be the center of attention where all the eyes would be eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of the bride. And bride’s wedding headpieces can be the finishing touch she needs to stand back and feel totally beautiful!The bride-to-be may be dazzled by these stunning wedding headpieces of different styles and different types. Many points need to be taken into consideration before making your mind on what headpiece to wear at your wedding.

Sunning Wedding Headpieces

Depending upon the style of dress you have gone for depends much upon which wedding headpieces will suit you the best. If your dress is vintage inspired in design yet simple, sleek and chic, you can afford to go two ways with your headdress. You can have a statement piece that incorporates facets of your wedding dress, for example hints of lace, fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals and even the semi-precious stone to match in with the look of your engagement ring. Or, you can have a very simple, elegant and understated headdress, one that blends in with your whole look to complement and tie the whole look together. Remember though that this is your day, your look and your desire, so if you want the bling filled princess tiara then you go for it, a bride’s personality can be captured within her own bridal headdress, especially if you have a bespoke one created just for you!

What about your dress being the classical full and heavily embellished bodice style. Depending upon your hairstyle, you can opt to bring out some features of your wedding dress, and can either have a lavish designed wedding headpieces to balance with the dress, or more simple fresh water pearl and a few Swarovski crystals to complement rather than contest. A very on trend look at the moment is the side tiara. These are so versatile and extremely comfortable and secure making the bride feel confident that it will remain in place and in style for the duration of her special day and into the night! By incorporating genuine vintage jewellery, intertwining with fresh water pearls of various sizes and Swarovski crystals, you can end up with a little piece of art. An heirloom you will want to keep and pass on for generations.

Not forgetting the very 1950s inspired birdcage veil, this little headpiece is a saucy bit of naughty and does require the right dress, confidence and quirkiness to pull it off. Also, keep an eye on feather flowers and feather bridal headpieces, as we believe these will be making an appearance in 2013 not to mention the simply beautiful fresh water pearl daisy chain! Finally, just a few advice for you, if you have a round face or you want to give your face a lengthened look, try headpieces with long and slim lines. A tiara with some height or has a peak in the center, a barrette or comb with vertical branches, and a narrow headband on an up do – here we get three good options. On the other hand, for a bride who has a long thin face, you can try to make a more round look by wearing a low wreath, a wider tiara or a brim hat. Now you know better about how to choose the most suitable headpiece to complete your bridal ensemble. Go and find the one with all the ideas in your mind. Good luck and congratulations for your big day!

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