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Great Different Types Of Braids

If you are bored of your normal hairstyle, or want a style which makes your hair look neat and at the same time cool, then going with some braid hairstyles will help you sport a new look. There are several different types of braids that really can enhance your hair style.  You can try these different types of braids variations for normal braided into unique and chic hairstyle.

Cool Different Types Of Braids

French Braids

One classic option for a braided hairstyle is the French braid. This can either be accomplished as one big braid along the center of your head or as two braids on each side of your head. To do the French braid, start like you would any braid, but as you continue on, pull in more hair from your head and keep braiding so that all of your hair is incorporated into the braid. A cute way to wear the french braid is to have an exaggerated side part and french braid each side of your hair and then at the nape of your neck in the back, combine both sides of the french braid into one and then you can either make the ponytail into a bun or keep braiding until you run out of hair and then put your hair into a ponytail. You can also french braid a small section of your hair that frames your face, as if to make a braid around your face that acts like a headband.

Braid Band

Create a braid band to keep your hair out of your eyes in a cute, stylish way if you have medium to long hair. Take a section of your hair from directly above your ear. A 2- to 3-inch section usually works best. Begin braiding, but instead of pulling the hair down as you braid, pull it up, as if you were braiding the hair up and over your head. When you reach the end, secure it with an invisible elastic band. Then slick the front of your hair back as if you were going to put on a hair band. Pull the braid over the opposite ear and pin it in place like a hair band.

The Milkmaid Braid

Seen on celebrities like Mary Kate Olson, this style offers a new approach to fancy up-dos. If you’re looking to create a romantic look, the milkmaid braid is a great choice. This works best on long hair, but extensions can be used, if necessary. To begin, split your hair into two sections and braid into pigtails. Secure elastic bands on each braid. Wrap the braids around the top of the head, crossing over the center part. Secure the braids with as many bobby pins as needed. Use hairspray to set in the style.

Braided Chignon

This is sophisticated braided chignon for an elegant and stylish look. It’s the perfect style for women who want an updo that is also attractive. To achieve this look, brush hair back and secure into a ponytail. Some people prefer to work with slightly dirty hair to allow the oils from the scalp to hold the hair in place naturally. You can also choose to part your hair in the middle or from the side if you like. Braid the ponytail and secure the end with an elastic. Keep the braid slightly loose to enable it to twist and bend effectively. Wind the braid around the base of your ponytail, shaping it into an oval coil. Fasten to your head with bobby pins. Spray with hairspray to hold the look. For a more unique take, move the ponytail to the left or right of your head for a side braided.

The Rope Braids

This is a simple way to braid your hair using only two sections. Make a ponytail and divide into two sections. Take the two sections and twist separately but in the same direction. Take the two sections and cross them over each other as shown. Continue to cross the sections, winding them around each other until you reach the end, then tie off with a rubber band. Don’t worry that the twist will unwind a bit when you let go as it will still stay together. Make the twists tight to compensate for the unwinding when you finish.

Those above are actually just a few different types of braids. Hope it’ll add your insights and inspire you to get another style. For the tips: Hair should be detangled and brushed smooth before being braided, and all tools and accessories should be laid within easy reach. The hair can then be pulled back and separated into three equal sections. These sections should then be interlaced with each other, and ribbons can be woven into the braid for a more decorative look. Braids can be secured with simple hair bands or more elaborate hair accessories. Before braiding hair, all knots and tangles should be worked out. A wide-tooth comb is usually best for this. Some individuals may need to use a gentle detangling spray or leave-in conditioner. The hair can then be brushed smooth with a natural bristle brush.

Braiding hair can be a difficult task for some people. It is usually best to have all tools and accessories set out within easy reach of the person who is doing the braiding. This can include brushes, combs, and hair bands. Rubber bands should not be used to secure hair, since they can cause damage to the hair. Covered elastic bands should be used instead. And then, if you want to start braiding your own hair, practice on a friend first, that way you’ll get less impatient if you’re not successful the first try. Practice makes perfect, and your arms will be much happier!

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