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Women Winter Wedding Dresses

Congratulations on your winter wedding! Many couples plan their weddings in December, because of the month’s festive feel. Also, December is a wonderful time for a honeymoon in the Alps, or any other romantic spot. As getting married in the winter getting more desirable with each day that goes by, many people are searching the Internet for the perfect winter wedding dresses. There are countless main subject in winter wedding dresses that can interest anyone wanting to have a wedding during the winter season.

Perfect Women Winter Wedding Dresses

Full-length ball gowns could be the perfect winter wedding dresses, as there is a lot of extra material to help keep you warm. Choose a ball gown if you want a fairy tale-style wedding or like the look of the voluminous gowns. Traditional full-length cathedral trains are another popular option for winter weddings. Sleeves are another warmer option for your gown. Most sleeves are made of lace and can cover a portion of your arms or extend all the way to your wrists, depending on your preference. Don a pair of full-length satin gloves if you want to keep your arms warm while wearing a strapless gown. Bridal gloves are available that leave your ring finger exposed, or allow for easy access to your finger for the ring ceremony.

For the materials in winter wedding dresses, heavier materials can make it easier to choose a dress in any style you like. Heavier undergarments or slips are one simple solution that won’t be obvious to anyone other than you. Heavy fabrics, such as velvet, silk, silk brocade or taffeta, are another option. Use two different fabrics if you want warmth inside, but a different material on the outside.  Then, the easiest way to wear any dress you want and stay warm is to invest in a cover-up. Faux fur-trimmed hooded cloaks are ideal for a romantic winter wedding that includes spending some time outside for pictures or traveling from the ceremony to the reception. Small wraps, shrugs and stoles can accessorize your strapless or sheath gown when you’re outside, and allow for you to show off your gown when you’re inside. Use faux fur, velvet or another rich fabric.

Also, consider wearing a colorful winter wedding dress or gown with a white cloak over it for something different. Icy blue, silver, frosty pink, deep red, purple or jewel-toned shades, such as sapphire blue, ruby red or emerald green, work well as the color for a dramatic winter wedding gown. Keep your feet and legs warm with a sexy pair of white winter boots or Victorian-inspired lace-up heels. Finally, winter brides have many beautiful options from their dress’s material, to the embellishments, sleeves and accessories, all coming together to create the perfect gown for the perfect day.

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