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Choose Red Hair Dye

Changing your hair color can give you a whole new style. And red hair dye can your best choice for bold look. Red hair dye can range from a deep, rich burgundy to a light strawberry color. It is a powerful color that rightfully attracts attention. However, choosing the correct hair dye may seem overwhelming because there are so many colors to choose from, and the color you see on the box is not necessarily the color you’ll end up with. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the perfect red hair dye. Take a look at some advice below.

Get Red Hair Dye

If you have a warm skin tone, and eye color, then only consider getting red hair dye shades. People who have cooler skin complexion or cool eye colors, should go for hair color shades like shiny raven black or cool shades of blonde like mink or icy white, and hair highlights can be honey or wheat ash. So, only people with warm skin tone and eye color should opt for red hair dyes. Warm skin complexion includes freckled complexion, pale complexion with peach or golden undertones, ruddy complexion and brown skin tone with pink or golden undertones. The eye colors which belong to the warm category are hazel eyes, with brown or golden colored flecks, green eyes, greenish blue eyes and golden brown eyes.

If you are thinking of going red hair dye at home, then this is not a good idea, as boxed dyes are horrible. And when it comes to red hair color ideas, it is better you seek professional hair, instead of ending up with hair color disaster. Loreal, Schwarzkopf and Clairol are the best red hair dye brands. So, go to a stylist and discuss with him/her to find out the right shade, and a good permanent dye.

There are also several red hair dye ideas that might give you new inspiration. Getting Strawberry Undertones with Chunky Blonde Highlights. This hair coloring style, looks great on fair skin tones, and is a good red hair color for blondes. If you have light hair, then get some strawberry blonde shade undertones and on top of it shiny blonde chunky hair highlights. Or you can Going Total Copper Red. This is a bright shade of copper among red hair colors, which is not for the faint heart, so be careful before dyeing your hair completely, copper red. You can pick light or dark shade of copper.Then, another red hair dye idea is Going Total Neutral Copper Red Hair. This red shade gives the natural redhead look, and looks like ginger spice color. This is a more subdued red hair color, which suits most warm complexions.

Auburn red is best for people with medium to dark brown hair. Getting this hair color will give you a nice deep shade of red, without it looking too bright. Then, Dark Auburn Red. This is a deep shade of auburn, which gives a rich and gorgeous look. Also, if you keep going out in the sun, and get your hair color faded, then this dark red hair color is right for you. Well, these were several information about red hair dye. Use these above advice before going red, and ready to make a bold statement!

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