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Gorgeous Short Wavy Hairstyles

Short wavy hairstyles are among the more popular hairstyles among women nowadays. These short wavy hairstyles for ladies are very trendy and fashionable, as they are very manageable and versatile. It can be worn sleek and straight, or exaggerated into luscious pretty curls. Those who want to get to know several different short wavy hairstyles have a plethora of options. And you can check it out at below paragraphs.

Gorgeous Short Wavy Hairstyles for Women

Here are several short wavy hairstyles for you; In an asymmetrical bob, the hair is cut shorter on one side of the head and longer on the other. The look works with any type of curls and is easy to style in a mainstream or a punk manner. You can cut the hair on one side extremely short or leave it about ear length. The longer side can be cut anywhere from ear to shoulder length. The haircut looks best with side-swept bangs and a little anti-frizz serum to help keep the line fluid.

Short wavy hairstyles are perfect for curly styles. You can spray short wavy hair with holding spray and then comb it down to create a more relaxed, shaggy look. Also, you can create shiny, springing curls (spirals) with short wavy hair by spraying it with Springing Curls hairspray or mousse while wet and scrunching it up with your fingers. A 3/4- to 1-inch barrel curling iron will help make the spirals more well-defined. Or go for inverted bob. This hairstyle captures the soft feeling of a bob and the modern feeling of an inverted cut. It works well with slightly wavy to tightly curled tresses. The hair at the back of the head should be cut about an inch in length. Cut the hair longer as you get closer to the front of the head. The hair around the ears should hang a few inches above the shoulders. This style looks good with blunt bangs, side-swept bangs or no bangs.

A wedge hairstyle can be created in many different ways and works with all types of wavy hair. Most wavy wedge styles cut the hair closest to the nape of the neck very short. The hair is then cut longer, reaching its full width, right above the ears. The style is meant to be worn wild if you have curly hair, creating an inverted triangle shape around your head. It works well with blunt or lightly layered bangs. Well, these were several short wavy hairstyles for you. Besides these hairstyles, you can also take ideas from top celebrities and follow their style techniques.

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