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How to Wear High Waisted Jean Shorts

High waisted jean shorts are considered a must-have on every girl’s closet today. High waisted jean shorts initially became trendy in the early seventies but is now very popular in the fashion industry. In fact, it is on its way to making a big comeback. Though it should be mentioned that there have been some subtle variations in the different versions of the style over time. Girls also can be creative when it comes to the ideas what really great to pair with high waisted jean shorts. Well, this time, we will give several ideas to opt. Keep Reading…

Wear High Waisted Jean Shorts

Go for a classic, sleek look by starting with a pair of high-waisted jean shorts in a saturated black rinse. You’ll retain the comfort of denim and the street-style-cool edge while gaining a sophisticated finish. Add a T-shirt style blouse in a silky fabric — choose a muted tone, such as dusty rose or gray-lavender for a chic look. Or, for a more fitted, feminine appearance, reach for a fitted, three-quarter- to long-sleeve blouse in a similar color. Look for a cropped blouse that just covers your waistband, or gently tuck the front of the blouse into your shorts; apple bodies, opt for the cropped blouse to avoid calling too much attention to your waistline. Add a pair of simple, black high-heel sandals, espadrilles or pumps to your ensemble and you’re done.

Start with a pair of high-waisted jean shorts that already seem to scream summer, from a pair of medium blue, distressed shorts to pastel-hued options. Add a neutral cotton tank or fitted V-neck T-shirt to your ensemble, tucking the top in on all sides. If you have an apple-shape body, blouse your shirt out or leave it untucked for a more flattering effect. Slide your feet into nude wedge sandals for a leg-lengthening look. Nude shoes are simply those in a color that most closely match your natural skin tone. Add a pair of Wayfarer-style sunglasses and you’re ready for summer.

Now that the temperatures have warmed up and it’s too hot for full-length jeans, combine the trendy high waistline with the classic denim fabric that helps make the Americana aesthetic what it is. Pull on high-waisted jean shorts in a faded or light-blue rinse — fringed, raw edges or distressing only makes the look even more authentic. Add a white cotton, button-front shirt to your look, messily tucking it into your shorts and rolling your sleeves. Slide your feet into dusty brown boots with chunky heels and Western detailing or a pair of simple wedges with a strap across the toes and one across the ankles.

Since you’re already going for a trendy, fashion-forward look, go all out and make that high waistline work for you. For example, if you’re feeling flirty, pull on a bustier-style top or bodysuit in a neutral tone, such as black, and wear it tucked into dark rinse blue jean shorts. Add a gray boyfriend blazer or cardigan to your look to keep it from looking too much like a costume. Slide your feet into nude shoes, from ballet flats to strappy sandals, either flat or heeled, to keep the focus on your outfit while creating a long leg-line. Or, throw on that crop top you have been meaning to wear; because it will hit at the top of your shorts, you don’t have to worry about baring your belly.

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