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Versatile Gladiator Sandals

When summer comes around, you’ll want to wear shoes and sandals that are comfortable and not too warm. That’s where gladiator sandals come to the rescue. Gladiator sandals are perfect for any outfit and will show off your legs beautifully. Available in a variety of colors, lengths, materials and price ranges, gladiator sandals are versatile and unique. Whether they are ankle-high, mid-calf or knee-high, brown or black leather, metallic or snakeskin, gladiator sandals have the ability to make a woman feel confident, sophisticated, laid-back or youthful.

Gladiator Sandals

Original gladiator sandals were designed to be extremely comfortable, provide plenty of ventilation for the feet and were meant for everyday walking and working. Though there are still a lot of gladiator sandals for women that are made for comfort, such as flat gladiators which are perfect when going for a stroll or shopping in the mall. Comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean unstylish, because even the simplest designed flat gladiators can be embellished with beads, studs or other ornaments to add a flirty touch to your feet.

Modern gladiator sandals for women have evolved far from their original, very functional ancestors, with some designers giving them a sexier look, featuring different heel styles like thick wedges, stilettos and variations in the original t-strap that can now extend from the ankles and the legs and sometimes, even all the way up to the thighs. Ankle length gladiator sandals for women are very basic and can be worn by everyone almost anywhere. These can come in flats, high-heels, wedges or platforms and can be partnered with any outfit. They usually look good on all types of legs but they are the most suitable type for women with short, wide legs.

Mid-calf and knee high gladiator sandals for women are best if you have long slim legs. They look good if you wear them with short pants, mini-skirts and shorts. Knee length ones usually have more intricate designs with straps that can zigzag across the legs for better emphasis and style. Designers tend to get very creative with these types of gladiator sandals, by adding other accessories such as buckles, studs, beads, metallic accents and even fringes. Any outfit that falls above these mid-calf or knee-high sandals tend to look good. Just be careful to make sure your entire outfit is balanced and does not look too busy when you wear them.

Gladiator sandals for women became the rage many seasons ago especially after Hollywood stars debuted then at various red carpet events. They have never really gone out of style except during cold weather, when it is not recommended to have your feet exposed. Finally, Gladiator sandals can be bought in almost any shoe store or boutique, and they are also carried by many online shoe sellers. They are an easy way to stay “on trend”, but they must be worn carefully. Go to the shoe store, and try on a few pairs to find one that suits your style and your shape. After all, you don’t want to lay out good money for a pair of shoes that will just end up in the bottom of your closet!

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