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Stunning Bohemian Style Clothing

The bohemian style clothing is often associated with artists and free spirits, and aspects of this style are found in both casual street clothing and in high-end couture design. The bohemian style clothing is a trend in nomadic European and gypsy clothing of the 19th century. It always represents artsy crafty, ethnic and romance. It embraces folk style and expresses a different norm of society in the world.

Bohemian Style Clothing for Women

If you want to create a Bohemian look, then here are several tips for you. The newest and fetching bohemian style clothing is simpler and not least, modern. Take a look at these tips on how to achieve a boho yet chic look; Firstly, combine different garments on top of each other, starting with a basic tee, cardigan or sweater that is short enough to see the tee, jewelry and a scarf on top. The trick to staying stylish with many layers is to mix both fitted and loose pieces in one to balance out the look. Another note is to avoid piling on too many large and long layers. Basically, if it drags down your frame or draws attention away from your face then you know that there’s something wrong with your layering.

Bohemian fashion is about wearing vintage and exotic garments but at the same time combine those with pieces that are YOU. Avoid dressing like a hippie or gypsy from top to toe. It’ll only look like a funny costume and people won’t take you seriously. By adding a little bit of personality you’ll look modern and chic! Blend boho fashion with your own signature style. For example if you like classy garments then pair your paisley print tunic top with pearls and black pumps. Or if you have a little bit of diva in you just like Nicole Richie, then it doesn’t hurt combining luxurious-looking accessories such as heaps of gold and diamonds, or maybe a glamorous designer bag.

The bohemian style clothing color palette is earthy, rich and rustic. Examples are: khaki green, off-white/cream, black, brown, deep purple, teal, mustard yellow, terracotta, tomato red, and metals such as gold and silver. Then, the bohemian fashion concept revolves around wearing something unique. Vintage clothing and accessories are perfect examples of what unique fashion is. So I suggest that you implement “grandma” elements into your outfit with for example a floral scarf, lace details or perhaps a distressed-looking leather bag. Finally, for a few consideration, there are many ways to wear Bohemian-style clothing, but the key aspects of this style include comfort, flowing lines and individuality. The original Bohemians who rejected societal rules wore this type of clothing to express themselves, and would often scavenge cloth from other garments and sew their clothes themselves.

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