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Gorgeous Women’s Cocktail Dresses

If you are invited to the cocktail party, thenĀ  you will need the right dress. Obviously, womens cocktail dresses could be your best bet. The cocktail dress is an evening dress that is identified by its length. It can be anywhere from above the knee to a few inches above the ankle. The term lends itself to a variety of styles–no sleeves, long sleeves, plain, printed, fitted or loose. The term “cocktail dress” was coined in 1935, although the “cocktail party” had been held long before then. For more information and tips about womens cocktail dresses, find it in the following paragraphs.

Stunning Womens Cocktail Dresses

You know, there are so many choices for womens cocktail dresses. But the most popular dress is LBD. The little black dress that all women are advised to own is a version of the cocktail dress. Sometimes a cocktail dress is called a party dress. The style first surfaced in the 1920s. When a cocktail dress is open on the top, exposing flesh, the bottom portion should be closed, which is the rule of balance that designers adhere to. The earliest cocktail dresses were rather decorative and featured pearls, embroidery, chiffon and silk.

When buying a cocktail dress, but the best one that you can afford. As always, select one that complements your body and disguises the body parts that you don’t want to show, while accentuating your assets. Consider wearing a shrug or dressy cardigan over your cocktail dress if you don’t feel comfortable exposing your shoulders and arms. Likewise, wear dark hose or even dark tights with your knee-length cocktail dress if you don’t want to put your legs on display.

A cocktail dress typically has a round or boat neck and is a sheath. A sheath dress is close fitting and may feature a slight inward curve at the waist and darts at the bosom. The sheath is generally worn without a belt, but you can incorporate a belt into your ensemble if you wish. You don’t have to stick to the basic cocktail dress silhouette. Womens cocktail dresses have asymmetrical necklines, halter tops, V-necks and can feature empire waistlines or can be a wrap dress. An empire waistline provides more roominess and will disguise a belly and large hips. Sometimes a cocktail dress has a full skirt. Some cocktail dresses have side slits or slits in the back.

Your cocktail dress certainly doesn’t have to be black, although dark colors work well for evening apparel. A red cocktail dress would be pretty, as would a dark green or purple one. Try on several dresses and see which color looks best on you. After all, an outfit that makes you feel comfortable yet confident is the ideal choice for a cocktail party. It’s essentially about being in your elements while stunning with your looks.

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