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Female Gymnastics Hairstyles

Whether you dream of going for the gold at the next Olympic games or are just helping your niece or daughter with her hair for the next meet, a gymnast’s hair needs to be fixed and forgotten. Since their routine would involve a lot of movement and at the same time requires precise positioning in their mat or equipment, there must be no obstructions to their visions. This means that hair must be neatly tucked and pulled back, especially for the ladies. One guideline regarding hair in the 2009-2010 Rules and Policies of USA Gymnastics is that the athlete’s hair must be secured away from the face. Luckily, as a gymnast, you have options of gymnastics hairstyles that effective and cute ways to style your hair. And below are some of gymnastics hairstyles for you.

Easy Gymnastics Hairstyles

Looking for the easier gymnastics hairstyles? then try out this one; the basic ponytail. The keys to a successful ponytail are water and bobby pins or barrettes. The water makes the hair easy to slick back, and the bobby pins or barrettes control any stray pieces. For a little style, instead of holding hair back with a scrunchy, take a piece of hair from underneath to wrap around the ponytail, and pin it in place.

Another idea of gymnastics hairstyles, you can go with an easy twist. Start by, pulling back your hair into a high ponytail and then securing it with an elastic hair band.  Now, grasp the nape of the ponytail with one hand and twirl it into a twist.  Secure the twist using a claw hair clip.

Then, pigtails. This look works for medium to short hair. Hair is parted in the middle and a braid or pony tail is styled just behind each ear. Hair should be prepped with gel and finished with hairspray. If the hair is layered or has bangs, stray strands can be secured with small clips.

This twist on the classic ponytail keeps hair more secure and does a better job of keeping long strands from flying into your face and sticking to your neck and back. Simply pull hair back into a high ponytail, then braid the entire length of the ponytail and secure the braid at the bottom with an elastic. This style is ideal for people with fine, straight hair that tends to work its way loose from other hair styles.

Go for chignon. This sophisticated style is best for medium to long hair. As always, prep hair with a firm-hold gel and finish with a firm-hold hairspray. Hair is smoothed away from the face into a sleek ponytail, then twisted around in a circle and secured with hair pins. For competition, this look can be finished with a fabric-covered elastic or ribbon to match your uniform. These were several gymnastics hairstyles are just a few of the many ideas you can create. Experiment! While one hairstyle might not work for you, another might just be perfect. Also, don’t be afraid to create your own hairstyle. Cheers!

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