Women 90’s Hairstyles

Hairstyles have come and gone over the decades. Some hairstyles were fads, not lasting longer than a year. Many long to short hairstyles are still popular today. The 90s hairstyles saw a wide variety of hairstyles. Several 90s hairstyles were popularized by the famous celebrities of the time. Sit-com actors had haircuts named after their signature tresses. Flexible hold hair spray took the place of Aqua Net and other stiff

Summer Halter Maxi Dress

Oh it's Summertime! After getting out that old trunk full of tank tops, shorts and bathing suits you may find that your summer fashions are not quite up to date with the current trends. If this is the case, there are a few staple pieces that can turn it into something new and improved!One of these staple pieces in particular is the summer halter maxi dress. Summer halter maxi dress

Lovely Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

A wedding is one of the most exciting things in one's life. Due to this you should ensure that you really make the day a success by making yourself comfortable, by making the right choice for your dress. And long sleeved wedding dresses are a classic style to go for, if you want to don a unique outfit on this special day. Long sleeves are the 'in thing' and there

Loose Fitting Peasant Blouses

Peasant blouses are loose-fitting, simple garments that feature a feminine, ruffled and stretchy neckline. The trademark neckline is constructed by threading elastic through a casing stitched to the underside of the neck edge. Peasant blouses are as easy and carefree to make as they are to wear. This peasant blouse is also comfortable attire for spring and summer. It goes well with shorts, jeans, skirts and slacks, and good choice

Simple and Quick Hairstyles for School

It can be a rush to get yourself ready for school in the morning, so you need to find quick hairstyles for school that looks cute and presentable for your day at school. There are several different quick hairstyles for school to choose from, so you can pick one that matches your personal style. Remember, having a quick hairstyle when you go to school is like wearing a great school

Chic Flapper Dress

For any vintage enthusiasts, costumers and regular folks the flapper dress is one of the most revered and sought after styles. Originating in the roaring 20s Jazz Age as a style the ladies could dance all over the city in, they conjure up luxurious ideas of grand excess in a time of innovation and artistic development. The decade is also remembered as a time of social rebellion against Prohibition, traditional

Popular Tea Length Wedding Dresses

Have you been thinking about tea length wedding dresses? Many soon to be brides are these days. Tea length wedding dresses fall between the knee and the ankle and are generally worn at less formal weddings. They're becoming very popular for traditional and non-traditional wedding settings and are being seen at the most fashionable wedding venues. Tea length wedding dresses also come in a stunning range of styles and in

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